Bhushan Kumar Dua – A Talent With A Long Career

Bhushan Kumar is an actor and film producer by the name of Bhaushan. He made his first appearance in the Hindi film ‘Chak De! Pakistan as the main character. He later went on to play the role of Jasmine in the animated film ‘Titanic’ as well as the lead character in the film ‘Singh in King’ opposite Vin Diesel and Ruben Studdard. In the latest movie ‘Water’, Kumar played the role of Jasmine.

bhushan kumar

Bhushan Kumar is also known for his association with the largest music record label in India – Home Box Office. The last two films, which he starred in were ‘Singh in King’ and ‘Water’. Most of his appearances in movies have been as a supporting character in some film. Here are some of his notable films.

2006 comedy movie ‘Dhoom Reloaded’ was Bhushan Kumar’s first major role where he did not feature in any Indian films till that point. However, after the release of this movie, he began acting in various other movies in India and abroad. He has also released a number of indian films on YouTube.

Most of his appearances in films have been in films wherein he plays a supporting character. His most notable role was the lead role in the movie ‘Singh in King’ as well as in the TV series ‘Dhoom Reloaded’. Besides these two roles, Bhushan Kumar has also acted in some television serials, among which two such serials are ‘Aabir’ and ‘Naan’. In the movie ‘Aabir’, Bhushan Kumar was featured as one of the main singers along with Sukhwinder Singh, who is a popular Hindi singer and actor.

Most of his acting work has been in the Hindi film industry. Most notable amongst these films would be his role in the hit movie ‘Singh in King’ as well as in the TV series ‘Dhoom Reloaded’. As expected from an actor in a popular role, Bhushan Kumar has achieved some pretty good popularity on YouTube. His first YouTube channel was uploaded in 2005. Since then he has released several videos on the popular video sharing site.

A recent video on Bhushan Kumar’s channel shows him speaking in Urdu and English, something that is not usual in Hindi movies or television serials. His accent is so strong that he can hardly be understood and this gives the viewer a little bit of insight into his mindset, and how different it is from the norm. The subtitles in English and Urdu give the whole idea in simple words and explain the plot in layman’s terms. An average net user who is not familiar with Hindi will find this very interesting. It is worth noting that this is only the first part of the interview as the rest will be uploaded later in the week.

There is no doubt that Bhushan Kumar Dua is a talent that is very rare and while many people may dismiss it as a stunt, there is no disputing that it is genuine. Many people will disagree but to call a person a talent is not a bad thing at all and certainly no less than a blessing. Not only is Bhushan Kumar entertaining and charming on screen, but he has also managed to become the talk of the town, drawing in viewers both young and old alike. It is hard to describe anyone as funny or great looking, but Kumar certainly fits into the category.

If the Bhushan Kumar story continues to go viral across the globe, then we can expect to see not only a career that will be remembered for decades to come, but a brand of entertainment that will be able to take its rightful place among the other great stars of Indian cinema. If you have yet to catch the best of Bhushan Kumar, then do not wait any longer, go on and add him to your watch list of talented performers, Indian or not. You will not regret it.