BetterFast App Review: Intermittent Fasting made easy

Let’s get straight to the point – we all have experienced that rollercoaster journey when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, right? It’s not just about losing weight but achieving a balanced life that makes you feel vibrant and vigorous. For many folks, this balance has been found in a method known as intermittent fasting. But hold up, before you imagine yourself amid a hunger strike, let’s chat about an app that claims to be your best buddy throughout this journey. Welcome to the arena, the BetterFast app!

What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting – it’s everywhere these days, but what’s the real deal behind it? Simply put, it’s a pattern of eating and not eating over a defined period of time. You’re cycling between periods of feasting and fasting. It doesn’t say much about which foods to eat, but rather when you should eat them. Now, some folks swear by its benefits which range from weight loss, improved metabolic health, and even a potential for increased longevity. Imagine getting to hit that sweet spot of health without needing to banish delicious foods from your life. That’s the charm that’s been pulling folks towards intermittent fasting!

The BetterFast App

Enter BetterFast – an app that wants to tag along on your intermittent fasting adventure by becoming your digital companion. No, it’s not just another app that tells you when to eat and when to fast. BetterFast comes into play as your personalized assistant, tailored to help you navigate through your fasting schedule with a heap of other beneficial features. Imagine having a pocket-friendly buddy who whispers when it’s time to munch or time to put the fork down, always keeping your goals in check!

What Can You Expect (The Functions)

Ready to dive a little deeper into what makes BetterFast tick? Buckle up, because this isn’t just an app, it’s practically a digital caretaker for your intermittent fasting journey!

  • Fasting Schedules Galore: Whether you’re a beginner gently dipping your toes into the 12/12 method, or a seasoned faster swearing by the 16/8 method, BetterFast has got a myriad of schedules to choose from.
  • Timely Notifications: Forget glancing at the clock every few minutes! With its precise notification system, you’ll be nudged when it’s time to start or break your fast.
  • Hydration and Calorie Tracker: Log your water intake and monitor those calories with a few taps, ensuring you stay hydrated and within your daily calorie budget.
  • Activity and Weight Tracker: Keep a keen eye on your activity levels and weight fluctuations, ensuring your path is always aligned with your health and fitness objectives.
  • Your Custom Diet and Meal Plans: Breeze through your fasting windows with a custom diet plan, finely tuned to your palate and nutritional needs, amplifying your results without sacrificing taste.

And oh, there’s more! With access to a plethora of weight loss recipes, you’ll be on a culinary adventure that’s not just satisfying to your taste buds, but also friendly to your fasting windows and calorie goals.

Personalised Approach to a Healthier Life

Ever wish someone would just hand you a roadmap for your health? A plan, tailored just for you, that navigates through your cravings, dislikes, and that tricky metabolism of yours? Welcome to BetterFast’s personalized approach where it’s not just about ticking the boxes with generic plans but sculpting a strategy that’s uniquely yours!

Personalised Fasting Plans: The app doesn’t just toss a standard fasting schedule at you. It’s looking at YOU – your habits, your goals, and your struggles. It’s your fasting plan, tailored to the times when you’re most likely to succeed and designed to flex around your life – not the other way around!

Personalised Meal Plans: And it doesn’t stop at fasting. Oh no. BetterFast whips up meal plans that laugh in the face of those dreary diet menus. Enjoy meals that dance with your taste buds while staying true to your calorie and nutritional needs.

Your Own Coach Powered by AI

Say hello to your new buddy – an AI-powered lifestyle coach who’s all ears, day or night. Wondering if that slice of pizza is a no-go? Or maybe how to tackle those midnight munchies? Your coach has got the answers!

Here’s a guide who understands that the journey to health is not just about the physical but the emotional and mental too. Throw your questions, share your struggles, or just have a casual chit-chat about your day. It’s not just an algorithm; it’s a friendly ear, a motivator, and a gentle (but firm) guide, ensuring you stay on the path that’s been crafted just for you.

Is it the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Now, the big question: Is intermittent fasting via BetterFast the knight in shining armor in your weight loss saga? The resounding answer here is, yes!

Weight loss is not just about slashing calories or sweating it out in the gym. It’s a complex process where your eating patterns, the type of calories consumed, and your metabolic rate play pivotal roles. BetterFast, with its personalised intermittent fasting plans and meal strategies, targets all these facets, ensuring your path to weight loss is not just efficient but also sustainable.

It’s not about losing weight fast; it’s about losing it right, in a manner that you can maintain. And with BetterFast, you’ve got a robust, science-backed method of intermittent fasting, blended with personalization to ensure that weight loss is not just a phase but a permanent lifestyle change.

Is it Free?

Nope, it’s not free. BetterFast operates on a subscription-based model. But let’s not rush to grumble about that price tag just yet.

Let’s talk about coffee – that delicious brew that helps many of us face our mornings. It’s something most folks don’t think twice about splurging on daily. Now, if you tally up those daily brews over a month, suddenly the price tag on BetterFast doesn’t seem all that daunting, does it?

What you’re investing in with BetterFast isn’t just an app; it’s a longer, healthier, and tastier life. It’s an investment in avoiding chronic conditions, in feeling confident, and in being there, truly being there, for the moments and people that matter most.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it: the cost of a healthy, fulfilled life, tailored to you, for less than the cost of your daily cuppa joe. Now that’s a steal, isn’t it?

Stick around as we delve deeper into the realm of user reviews, discovering the spots to snag this digital gem, and answering the golden question – is BetterFast truly worth your hard-earned pennies?

User Reviews

What’s the word on the virtual street about BetterFast? It’s easy to toss around claims, but what’s the real-life impact? Let’s get nosy and peek into some of the chatter from folks who’ve walked the path with BetterFast.

Sara, a 35-year-old teacher, shared, “BetterFast changed the game for me. It wasn’t like those diets where I felt deprived. My custom meal plans were yummy, and I even got to enjoy a cookie (or two)!”

Then there’s Greg, a 40-year-old software developer, who discovered the joys of a hassle-free health journey. “Always thought fasting was tough. But BetterFast made it, well, better and fast! Notifications, custom plans, and my AI buddy became my roadmap to losing those stubborn 20 pounds!”

User after user, the story unfolds similarly – BetterFast isn’t just a tool; it’s a companion, making the journey to health enjoyable and, dare we say, a tad effortless!

Where Can I Get It?

Keen to hitch a ride on this health journey? Your ticket to a better, healthier you is just a click away. Head over to https://www.betterfast.io/q/1, and you’re already on your way! The website is your gateway to not just downloading the app but a realm of resources and a community of fellow fasters sharing your journey. Navigate through the waves of valuable information, inspiring stories, and, of course, your personal gateway to embracing the BetterFast life.

Is it Worth Your Money?

We circle back to the crux of the matter – is it really worth shelling out your cash for? The short answer, yes!

Why? Because BetterFast isn’t just a diet app. It’s your daily companion, your virtual coach, and a personalized guidebook all rolled into one neat package. What you’re investing in is a system that understands you, molds to your life, and continuously nudges you towards a healthier life, without the hassles of rigorous dieting and the dreaded yo-yo effect.

With its deeply personalized approach, BetterFast doesn’t just aim to help you shed pounds; it focuses on creating a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle shift, with benefits reaching far beyond the scale.


In the sprawling jungle of health apps and diet plans, BetterFast emerges as a beacon of personalized, user-friendly, and sustainable health management, blending the potent benefits of intermittent fasting with the ease of tech and a dash of personal touch via AI.

Embarking on a journey towards a healthier you isn’t merely about the destination (though that’s pretty sweet too!) but also about ensuring the path taken is sprinkled with enjoyment, satisfaction, and, importantly, is carved with you at its core.

BetterFast isn’t just an app; it’s a promise – a promise to guide you through the meanders of your health journey, ensuring every step, every fast, and every meal is a reflection of your life, your preferences, and your goals.

So, as you stand on the brink of a decision, remember: This isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about gaining life – in all its vibrancy, zest, and flavour. Your journey, should you choose to embrace it, is just a click away.

Abdus Subhan

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