Better Business Ideas in Northern India: Vision and Development

With a GDP of Rs.7.8 lakh crore, Delhi offers ample growth opportunities to enterprises, some of which can be quite profitable.

With the help of a simple unsecured business loan in Delhi, you can start a firm in one of the most active financial markets in all over India.

Here are a few business ventures that can be promising over the years 

At-home forests or organic gardening

A recent report revealed that the Delhi government plans to increase green cover from 20.2% to 25% by 2025. Starting an organic gardening business during such times with an unsecured business loan in Delhi can yield significant profits in the coming years.

Several government initiatives support the growth of tree-plantation and gardening industries to combat the effects of pollution. Cities such as Kanpur, Faridabad, and Delhi boast a peak-time winter-season PM readings around the 300 marks, which indicates ‘hazardous’ levels. Home forests not only have immense potential as a business idea but can also lower pollutants in the long-term.

Not only does it aim to provide a healthy life, but it can also ensure a better living environment for the rest of the city.

Pollution masks and air purifiers

Owing to the pollution levels in the air across Delhi and neighbouring areas, the demand for pollution-control masks have appreciated substantially.

Companies have even started to make hybrids air conditioners which can also act as purifiers. Some manufactures are also offering extended warranties and other measures to make purchases affordable.

A business loan can provide you with the necessary funds to establish a pollution mask or air purifier manufacturing company. With such financial assistance, setting up the manufacturing line becomes simpler, by ensuring that you can afford the best machinery and equipment.

Car rental services

The car rental business is experiencing considerable growth in India. With no signs of slowing down, this is the perfect time to try your hands at the business. Furthermore, Northern India is a popular tourist destination, which further drives the need for reliable rental services.

Not only in Delhi, but you can also avail a business loan in Indore and other cities to start such businesses.

Takeaway services and bakeries

Like all parts of India, the northern part of the country is home to impressive and delicious flavours and foods. While opening a full-blown restaurant can be expensive, one can always try his/her luck at takeaway, home deliveries and home bakery businesses. Those who have a flair for cooking will surely find many takers.

Those worried regarding the expense can utilise cost-saving tips to reduce financial burden further.


e-Rickshaws are the need of the hour across India, especially the northern regions. These rickshaws reduce fuel costs, while also ensuring decreased human effort. Due to their reliance on electricity, e-rickshaws are free of harmful emissions, thereby promoting sustainable use of technology.

These vehicles are affordable but starting your own e-rickshaw business can be expensive. Availing small business finance can reduce your monetary hassle while initiating the said enterprise.

Various financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv offer such loans that can help you expand your business in Northern India.

The NBFC also provides pre-approved offers that make availing loans time-saving and less complicated. Pre-approved offers are available on business loans, personal loans, and a range of other financial products.

There are several other prospects besides these ventures such as gym, food truck, etc. With the help of an unsecured business loan in Delhi, you can successfully build upon your ideas in one of the most popular commercial hubs in the country.