Best Wealthy and Prosperous Gifts For Diwali

Diwali is the festival that celebrates light and brings more charm and glamour to a moonless night. And not for one day it is celebrated for over a period of five days. The first day of this 5-day-long Diwali celebration is known as Dhanteras. ‘Dhan’ means not just money it means wealth & ‘teras’ meaning the 13th day of the lunar calendar. So, on the 13th day of the moon calendar Dhanteras is observed. It is believed that the gates to the treasures of God Kubera and Goddess Laxmi open on this day and one must go shopping to bring more new wealth at home.

On the occasion of Dhanteras Puja, people worship Goddess Lakshmi for success in investments & wealth departments. She also blesses her devotees with wealth that prospers and keeps doubling for ages to come. So, buying gold or silver on this date is said to be lucky and a symbol of bringing Goddess laxmi and the forever treasure of Gods that will never end.

Presents or gifts during Diwali are also a part of the custom which symbolise the love and the prayers for the wellbeing of your dear ones and also symbolize sharing wealth and success with loved ones. If you want some help regarding your diwali gift online or other presents for this Dhanteras or Diwali, we are here with some really cool & traditional ideas.

Best Silver Gift Items & Other Gifts For Dhanteras and Diwali

If you are looking for some silver items for gift, go for ornaments, coins, biscuits or leaves. These silver plated gifts are best the way you want to gift your dear ones the precious metals that come with the blessings of the Gods and also your best wishes. Since most stores will not be open, you can buy silver gift items online.

When you buy silver gifts online India, you will find a lot of options to customize or personalize your gifts with your desired choice of images and designs.  This will truly be a sign of your love and prayers for giving a perfect token of wellbeing & advancement to your relatives with a personal touch. So, do make your silver gifts online shopping India and surprise your closest friends and family. 

Other Accessories

Well, clutches, bags, wallets, apparels, cufflinks, diwali diyas or any such fashionable accessory can easily lighten up the festival for your relatives and friends. They are a great choice of gifts for ladies and people who love to deck up for the festival. Some thread work and gold or silver coatings will work great for the accessories, since gold and silver are always trending in the festival season. 


The most popular gift for Dhanteras is to go for utensils. For the people who want to have an impression on their guests for an amazing Dhanteras, utensils will be a great product to present to the relatives. Embellished puja thalis in brass or bronze and engraved bowls, or puja accessories, kitchen utensils, decorative urns and lotas with offerings like sweets and fruits will make a very good option.

Gift Hampers

They are a perfect way to send lots of wishes packed in a bunch. Get a basket of the best-assorted collection of items for your loved ones this Dhanteras or Diwali. From gourmet to bathing products to mix-n-match Diwali gift hampers you will surely find a lot of options.