Best ways to grow marijuana outdoors

Growing marijuana is very easy if you have easy access to sunlight. It is easy to grow on any place on a sunroof, terrace, balcony, etc., wherever your plant has easy access to the sunrays.

The need for sunlight and suitable seasons occurs the most cost-effective; no need is felt to spend too much money as they grow it indoors.

Growing marijuana in your locality in the open is favorable to you as you may find other cannabis growers who may have a group to connect and get instant updates about what is going on—other methods of harvesting and other processes of marijuana plantation. The best information to you is provided on the website of I love growing marijuana.

Benefits of growing outdoors:

  • Inexpensive: in this process, you need to rely on the sunlight and place your plant in such a position that it receives sufficient sunlight to grow in well quality. A small greenhouse, soil, fertilizer, etc., only a few are required, and there is nothing to spend a bunch of money on the plantation of marijuana. There are no worries about the electricity bills which occur indoors.
  • Big yields: the disadvantage of the plants that grow indoors is that they have a restricted area to grow within that space; lack of sunlight sometimes halts their growth. The advantage that outdoor plants have is that you have the saying “the sky’s the limit.” You can have as many big and tall plants on an outdoor plantation you want to grow to any limit it wants.
  • Outdoor plantations have access to free sunlight and air whereas the indoor ones have lots of costs attached to them such as electricity, fans, equipment, etc.
  • It takes fun and relaxation to garden your plant, and there is no issue even if you smoke something grown by you.

How to set up outdoor marijuana?

  • The climate in your area: highly adaptable to various climates, susceptible to extreme weather, heavy rain or wind can cause damage.
  • Choose the best outdoor cannabis site for growing: find a place where wind, sunlight, privacy, and security are provided. The Garden plot, balcony, and roof are where it can be grown at its best.
  • Soil and other media for cannabis: they thrive in soil rich with organic matter and need good drainage.
  1. Silt soil: easy to work, warms quickly, holds moisture, has good drainage.
  2. Sandy soil: drains well, warms quickly but does not hold nutrients.
  3. Clay soil: drains slowly and does not hold oxygen well.
  4. Loam soils: cannabis grows in all three situations mentioned above; this mixture is known as loam.

These are some of the main points to which everyone should pay attention while growing cannabis and marijuana.


Above mentioned points are sufficient for you to know to grow the best quality buds of marijuana. The increase in demand for marijuana in this generation needs to have the best quality and be grown in the best conditions.