Best Ways for Investors to Immigrate to the United States

For business-minded people who have been dreaming the “American Dream”, new hope just is around the corner. The United States of America is a land of opportunities, especially for business travelers. 

Despite its strict immigration policies, each year, thousands of business travelers make it to the US to hunt for lucrative investment deals. There is a chance that you too can explore the investment opportunities in North America by taking advantage of one of the United States’ investor visa options below.

EB-5 Regional Center Investment

This is a US investment scheme where you can invest in commercial properties such as hotels, residential apartments, and office towers.  The requirement here is that the money you’re investing should be able to employ at least 10 American employees for 2 years.

When have met this condition, you can then apply for a green card. 5 years after your immigration to the US, your investment will be paid back to you. The good news is that the EB-5 program has been working for more than 20 years. So, it’s pretty reliable. However, you may need to invest as much as $500k into the program. Always bear in mind that commercial property investments can be risky.

EB-5 Direct Investment

Unlike the EB-5 passive investment program, the direct investment option gives you full control over your money. To secure a green card, you need to invest up to $1 million in your own company and employ at least 10 workers for 2 years. 

The processing time for this visa is 18 months. But if you use an E-2 visa in conjunction with your EB-5 application, you can reduce the processing time to 6 months. Assuming you meet the investment requirements, you will qualify for a green card. If you want to lower the minimum investment amount to $500k, you should propose to invest in a US region with a high rate of unemployment.

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Inter-Corporate Transferee

For workers in multinational companies with branches in the United States, a business manager on a transfer to a US affiliated company may be able to get a green card. For example, a Volkswagen manager who’s immigrating to the US to start a new plant may qualify for a green card. However, there are some conditions attached. 

  • You must have completed 1 year of service in the parent company.
  • Your job description in the United States should be very similar to your former job.

But if everything goes well, it will take about 18 months for your green card to be ready.

E-2 Work Visa

This is meant for people from countries that have signed investment treaties with the US. They can apply for E-2 visas (valid for 5 years) to immigrate to the US to work in their US start-ups. This means that the visa applicant is their own sponsor.

You may need to have between 75k and $200k before you can apply for the E-2 visa. After it has been issued to you, an E-2 visa can later pave the way for you to get a green card. The E-2 Visa is renewable, and it can offer you a quick path to the USA.

EB-1 Extraordinary Immigrants

For people who are exceptionally talented in certain areas such as science, art, art, athletics, and business — they can apply for green cards straightaway. Extraordinary applicants must be able to prove their skills to US immigration authorities beyond any reasonable doubt.

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