4 Best Watch Style Tips For Men

A watch is a man’s fashion statement throughout the day. He can bring his best looks while wearing a timepiece on his wrist. It can elevate his presence and make a more striking impression. Watches come in various sizes, colors, and builds. Some timepieces can withstand the elements, while others are for casual wear.

Depending on the man’s preferences, the watch should reflect who he is. However, it is important to note that you also have your interpretation of the style. There is no right or wrong, only a mismatch of preferences. So when you look for a watch, consider these style tips for men.

Best Watch Style Tips For Men

Compare Sizes

The size matters. The first models of watches were analog wristwatches, 26mm to 32mm in length. As time passed, watches became bigger due to sports watches and dress watches. The biggest size available today would be around 40mm. The 40mm size is for the collector’s timepieces and holds sentimental value. For watch collectors, there is a current debate about the “proper size” of watches.

While there is nothing wrong with getting the smaller watch, it is all up to you or the person. You can feel the watch on your wrist if it is too wide or big for you. Check the right size before you purchase the watch.

Match The Best Straps

The straps hold an impact on your watch. It will dampen your style if it is not complemented well to your overall look. Straps come in various types, including:

  • Bracelets – These straps are metallic bands found on most watches. Every brand always has bracelets available in their accessories. For example, Prospex by Seiko offers many bracelets if the base watch is not to your liking. You can select between stainless steel or titanium. For better protection against rust, some bracelets also feature hard coatings for longer lifespans.
  • Rubber Straps – Rubber straps are available in most sports watches. It withstands the rigorous actions of the wearer as one participates in the sport. For example, if you are into swimming, the rubber strap can hold onto your wrist as saltwater splashes come into contact.
  • NATO Straps – The NATO strap is an inexpensive strap for casual wear. It uses spring bars to bridge the gap between the watch. So if your watch snaps, it will not fly off your wrist because of the spring.
  • Bund Straps – Bund straps are better known as leather straps. It gives off a more masculine feel as it secures your wrist. Its origins date back to World War II from the Federal Republic of Germany, known then as Bundesrepublik. It helps the metal from hot and cold temperatures from touching the skin.

Pair The Ideal Color Combination

Watches are mostly available in one color. However, it is possible to have multiple colors as long as you can pair the best ones.

For example, gold is best paired with black for contrasting hues. And if you want more shine to your timepiece, pair the colors in silver and gold. It is a must to pair with two colors at most. You can get more colors depending on the watch model. You could always stick to one color for consistency if the colors do not match.

Familiarize Yourself With Watch Movements

Watches have specific movements. These movements determine how the watch’s mechanics work. There are two movements available: Mechanical and Automatic. The typical wearer may not notice it at first but watch collectors can. One type of watch movement is slightly more expensive than the other, but both do the same thing: power up the watch. It is up to the wearer if he wants a mechanical or automatic one.

Wrapping Up

Watch fashion for men can add up to his style and presence with the best combination. Check the size, strap, and possible color pairings in any watch. Some men do prefer a specific movement since it is what they like. Ultimately, it is how you present the watch that gives the biggest impact.

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