Best Vintage Furnishing Ideas 2022 – Online Store

On the hunt for some epic ways to give your home a retro uplift with vintage furnishing ideas? Welcome! You’re just where you need to be. The great thing about Vintage is that it gives you the chance to stand out. You can find rare pieces no longer in mass production and give your home a unique touch. Moreover, it’s a way of fashion that supersedes time, so you needn’t worry about it going out of style because it never will. 

Turn on the vintage in your home with these amazing furnishing ideas for 2022, including tips on where to find the best antique online shopping India has to offer. Take a look

  1. Vintage Table Runners Suggestions

Don’t have a classic table runner in your living or dining room? Consider getting one. A Vintage table runner is a great way to add a bit of history to your table, as well as give mundane wood or glass a visual jolt. 

The history of the table runner is quite intriguing really. While tablecloths were a more aristocratic invention, table runners came up later to help guard against spillages by royal revelers. A vintage table runner could still afford the same protection for your vintage table, and here are a few ideas of which specific designs to ponder: 

  • Khusro black silk table runner– This is a sleek commemoration of the Mughal empire of Yester centuries, and references their zeal for the renowned gardens of Kashmir
  • Jaafar Ivory Silk Table runner– A stunning celebration of nature and history entwined into one marvelous vintage piece
  • Sadabahar mustard table runner This bold Vintage design is a great way to inject vibrancy into a dull interior 

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  1. Antique Furniture Inspiration

The world is your oyster when it comes to vintage furniture options. There are endless ways you could go and we’ll cover a few of them to get you started:

  • Brass clad end table: With an octagonal base that makes for an enchanting visual illusion, this is a great piece with a touch of Industrial flair
  • Kava hand-painted bedside table: A space-efficient platform to improve the aesthetic appeal of entrances, doorways, vast living spaces, and pretty much everywhere else you put it. Painstakingly hand painted, piece by piece, this table is truly personal and one-of-a-kind
  • Jamal carved media center: This makes for a great past-century abode for your electronic accessories, underlying the TV above it with rustic tones from a distant past. 
  • Juri Arch Bookshelf: One of the world’s oldest hobbies, this vintage bookshelf gives you one more reason to pop open a book 

If you’re stranded over where to buy antique furniture online India, Artisans Rose has your range of Vintage fixes. Be it TV units like we’ve just discussed, or retro tables, trunks, bookshelves, you name it, you can find it all at Artisans Rose. 

  1. Wall Mirrors Concepts

Mirrors are great for many reasons. First, they can open up tight spaces, adding expanse to an otherwise congested room. Secondly, as natural light bounces off the mirrors, the living space becomes a tad brighter, livelier, and more appealing. A vintage mirror brings all of these attributes to the table and then some, capping off a marvelous display with antique finishings that turns glances into stares. 

Some specific vintage wall mirror designs worth your thought include: 

  • Oriel full-length arch mirror: Have a room in desperate need of windows? This might just be what you need. It’s a great way to bring the Medieval England vibe into your home, proving a particularly excellent complement for hallways 
  • Thea yellow vintage minaret mirror: Also available in a range of other hues, this distressed minaret mirror is a vivid blast from the Mughal past

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  1. Cushion Covers Inspiration 

Keep your cushions free of a build-up of germs and dirt, with vintage cushion covers that will get you one step closer to your Vintage dream. Here are a few ideas to get you revving in this regard: 

  • Bahaar Jacaranda cushion cover: Crafted to immortalize the beauty of the Jacaranda blooms and with a concealed zip that melts into the fabric, this vintage piece can instantly transform any furniture piece it winds up on.
  • David Sasson Library cushion cover: Inspired by the famous treasurer-cum-fashion designer, this castle-embroidered cover evokes strong nostalgia 
  • Mumbai taxi cushion cover: The old Mumbai taxi of yesteryears is beautifully engraved on this retro that’s as bold as they come. 

Have your fill of these classy and vintage cushion covers at Artisans Rose. 

  1. Vintage Rug Ideas

Turn back the time by transforming your present-day living space into a sprawling traditional haven. A vintage rug can be the focal point of any room, providing a base upon which your many other Vintage furnishings can come alive. A contrasting color scheme can add dimension to furniture lacking in color depth, while more subtle alternatives can fuse perfectly with vintage furniture choices above to further cement the traditional vibe. 

Bold but with a design that’s on a roll when pulled off right, the Zig Zag Green and White dhurry brings life to wherever it lays its touch. Woven on a traditional loom, this rug is as vintage as it gets yet it has a smart and minimalistic feel about it. 

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That’s not all there is to our Vintage furnishing ideas for 2022. In fact, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Explore the store at Artisans Rose for more inspiration beyond what we’ve discussed today. 

Get vintage pillow covers and duvets to further bring the vintage touch to your bedroom, then cap it all off with retro mattress protectors and duvet covers. So what way will you go? Are you thinking of bringing two past-century styles together or are feeling wild and would like to pair multi-era pieces? The choice is totally up to you, and that’s the great thing about vintage furnishing: there’s more than one right way to do it!