Best Valentine’s Proposal Ideas to Make Her Say “Yes”

Valentines isn’t that far right now, and most of you might have planned to do something special. Like every chick-lit movie ever made and watched, those are the primary sources of a perfect boyfriend trying to impress his girl and how amazing things go awry. In the end, he still manages to win the heart of the girl. 

Only if real life was a fantasy movie every guy would be as perfect as Ashton Kutcher and every girl would be Mila Kunas but unfortunately, neither is the case here. Lucky for you guys it cannot be denied that movies do give you some inspiration to plan a proposal. 

I know, it sounds very cliche but hey there are records of movies showcasing some of the most romantic and funny proposals. 

So if you have The One you want to share your life with, then it’s about time you take the next step. No one’s ever ready. It’s just what you feel and the bond you have with your partner that makes you take the step. 

Why is Valentine’s Day an ideal day to propose?

The root of any relationship is love. It begins as a tribute to Saint Valentine who was a Roman Catholic priest in the 3rd CE. he banned young men from marrying with the school of thought that it will make better soldiers out of them if weddings are solemnized in secret. The priest was awarded a death sentence. 

So yes, history might be gruesome at this point but that’s what makes this day special for lovers, “to announce their love to each other for the rest of their lives”. 

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas You Can Easily Pull Off 

Looking at the wedding or engagement rings is easier than planning the proposal all by yourself. The proposal needs to be an exciting and romantic gesture something to remember by. 

So here you go;

A video proposal 

This is the digital world. You can plan a modern-themed digital proposal with a Youtube video! If you are a blogger then this is the fanciest and something new to try. Why not create a proposal video and throw in your special moments too with a quality background store?

You can plan a dinner in your favorite restaurant and request the management to play the video at the end of the romantic dinner. The live stream video on your cue is the new list of things to do this year for a surprise proposal.

We are quite sure it will bring the desired effect and the answer will be a Yes. 

Plan a picnic 

So this may be the simplest proposal idea but hey it’s one of the best classics ever. Although in February it might be difficult to go on a picnic unless you live in a warm temperate region. If you do then it’s a perfect choice. Even if you dont you can enjoy an indoor picnic style too. 

You can prepare the items that you and your partner mutually like but do make something that is only her favorite. This might be a giveaway that you are up to something but never in a million years would your girlfriend be able to guess the surprise. 

You can plan a game so that you can ask questions. For this, you can make a DIY glow jar and place the small chits consisting of questions. Imagine one of the questions your girl opens says “will you marry me?” imagine the look of surprise! We sure can do that. 

No plan is a good plan!

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes when you plan to make things perfect, things can be awkwardly weird in case you overdo it. This can happen to anyone. 

You could just go on a midnight drive or better yet a midnight swim and pop the question. Depending on your partner’s choice of adventure you can even plan a traveling spree and just ask the question when you hit the final destination with Exotic Interior Studio. Now, wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise?

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way of dealing with the situation. This way you are more confident and less nervous and if you are a bad liar then your girlfriend can otherwise sniff the lie out in a heartbeat. 

Ice-skating date

For the love of snow and winter, a perfect date night shouldn’t end just with dinner. Instead, plan something anew so that your partner wouldn’t suspect a thing. Ice-skating isn’t available all year round even in the North. So going to the ice skating rink on Valentine’s day is the right time to ask the best question of your life. 

It is really a cute way to propose the love of your life while doing something that you both love. 

So there you go! Choose any of these ideas or come up with anything equally cool or romantic and let us know it went. 


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