Best Tools To Remove PDF Pages

Have you ever experienced browsing an electronic book or document where there are plenty of pages that you do not really need? This makes the file difficult, confusing, or time-consuming to use. Aside from it, these pdf files can consume a large chunk of your device storage or the pdf reader takes time to read it. So why not remove pdf pages?

Yes, it is totally possible to take away some of the pages on a pdf file. If this is your first time hearing this, it can be surprising to know that you can remove pdf pages for free. There are a number of online platforms that do a great job with this task. Don’t know where to start? Here are the best tools to remove pdf pages online.

Visit the website and you’ll see a lot of basic and advanced pdf tools that you can use for free. is an online platform that is getting popular these days with the number of efficient pdf tools that they are offering. In terms of removing pages, start by clicking on the “Delete PDF page” option. Upload the file to be edited by choosing from the file directory or drag and drop to the designated area of the page. Select the pages to delete and click on the “Remove pages” button. Download the processed file and you’ll only see the pages that you need.


For first-time users of these pdf tools, Smallpdf’s website can be a bit confusing. As of writing, the home page will encourage registration and there will only be two buttons to click. Users have to scroll down in order to see the different pdf tools that they are offering. Removing pdf pages have a similar process with, with an additional option to upload through cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. However, free access includes web and app access, with a limit of 2 documents per day.

PDF Converter

Though the name of the website suggests another tool, PDF converter can also delete pdf pages for free. If you have read the first two websites on this list, the process is similar to this platform as well. It can also support uploading from Google Drive and Dropbox. Register to get more access to their comprehensive list of pdf tools to use – which is also for free. If you opt to use this online platform, their domain name is


This is one of the newest pdf editing platforms online. It has a little different process than the first three websites. Once the file is uploaded, use the mouse and the Ctrl or Shift keys to choose the page range to remove. Click on the “Delete” button then save and download the processed file.

Whatever platform you choose, always make sure to keep an original copy of your pdf files. Removing some pages on your pdf file will permanently delete them, which is irreversible once done. Don’t worry about security – as these sites promise to protect the privacy of their users through the use of encryption.