Best Tools to Embed Google Review Widget on Squarespace Website

Do you own a business and have a Squarespace website? Then this blog is especially for you. In this blog, we will be talking about the simplest way to add credibility to your website and achieve business goals.

You must have heard about Google reviews, right? Or must have used it to read reviews either for your business or read about other brands/products. After all, it is the most trusted review platform on the internet. In addition, many customers often consider Google reviews before making their purchase and eventually influence their purchase decisions. So how about providing them with a facility to read reviews and make their purchase simultaneously? Sounds interesting, right?

And hence many businesses are now opting to display reviews on their website by choosing to embed Google review widgets on Squarespace website. It is a simple technique that can provide great results and build trustworthiness.

What is a Google review widget?

This question might have struck your mind when you read the above lines. If yes, then here is a brief explanation for it. The Google review widget is the functional block on the website that helps you display Google reviews without any hassle. It displays reviews from the source and hence does not affect or put a load on your website.

Various tools available in the market provide you with a dedicated Google review widget that helps easily showcase Google reviews on the website. But to save your time and for your ease, we have listed the best tools for this purpose in this blog.

You can easily find these tools on the internet and operate them like a pro. These are currently the best tools available in the market.

Best Tools To Embed Google Review Widget On Squarespace Website

Who does not like to work with the best tools in the market, right? And prospective customers have to before making a purchase. They want to have the best of what they are having, and for that they need reviews. And with these amazing tools, you can easily embed Google review widget on Squarespace website.

1.   Tagembed

When we talk about tools that help you embed Google review widget on Squarespace website, we must talk about social media aggregators. Social media aggregators are phenomenal tools that simplify the embedding process and add great value to this strategy. And when we talk about social media aggregators, we must mention Tagembed. After all, Tagembed is one of the most popular social media aggregators.

Tagembed is known for providing an easy solution for embedding social feeds. It helps users collect social feeds from various social media platforms and showcases feeds as one unified presentation on the website. They also provide a dedicated Google review widget for the Squarespace website. You can embed the widget on your website and showcase customer reviews to your visitors.

The tool provides various other features, such as – customizations. Customization feature helps you to personalize your widget. Here you can change the font size, font style, and more. It allows you to present the widget as you like and enhance the charm of your website. Tagembed also allows you to moderate the widget, which means you can choose what review you want to show and what review you want to hide.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics are some of the other major features of this tool.

2.   ReviewsOnMyWebsite

ReviewsOnMyWebiste is another amazing tool that helps you in displaying Google reviews on Squarespace website. In just simple steps you can own a Squarespace website that showcases Google reviews. You just need to copy the embedding code and paste it on the body of your Squarespace website.

The tools provide you with the facility to pick your style and flaunt it in front of your users with the help of a customization feature. And by using the filter, you can show/hide reviews on your website.


91% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. Hence it is important to have reviews on the website, as it increases the chances of getting sales. With, you can easily embed Google review widget on Squarespace website and win the trust of your visitors.

You can easily add reviews on your Squarespace website and prove your credibility with a few simple steps. Reviews also hold the visitors on the website, and we all know how important it is for the business that a visitor stays on the website. Moreover, customers often visit various other websites searching for reviews and end up buying from different brands. So, by providing them with reviews on the website, you can hold them on your website and enhance the chance of attaining sales.

Summing It Up

The strategy to embed Google review widget on the website is a smart way to prove the business’s credibility and win the trust of your target audience. The tools mentioned above are the best in the market that helps you in easing the embedding process and with their provided features, you can use the widget to extract maximum benefits. So go ahead, try these tools now, and opt for the best that suits your style.

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