Best tools for unclogging pipes

Tired of clogging pipes in your home or workplace?

There are several reasons why pipes tend to get stuck, as well as several techniques and types of plungers to be used in order to achieve the proper functioning of the pipe network :

Tools: Drain Cleaning Probes, Coiled Wire Manual Plunger, Silverline Rod Drain Plunger, Hand Crank Plunger, Pneumatic Tools, Pressure Pipe Cleaner, etc.

Liquids: gels, salfumán, professional bottle opener …

Professional machines

Best tools for unclogging pipes

Main problems of clogging in pipes

All the blockages caused in the pipe network have a solution, it is only necessary to be very attentive and prudent.

The traffic jam in a house is mainly caused by 3 reasons :

  • Infrastructure errors
  • Deterioration by the passage of time
  • Misuse of pipes
  • Infrastructure errors

Both the installation and the placement of the pipes will greatly affect their correct operation.

Common errors such as the slope, drain with little section, derivations from the stopcock will cause serious blockages in the pipes :

The slope with which both the pipe and the manhole must be placed must be at least 25%. Not putting a solution to this problem can bring future retentions and traffic jams.

The drains with little section cause numerous headaches especially in times of great rains. When a large number of waterfalls are in a short time, the pipe is not able to evacuate all the water quickly enough, causing the dreaded floods. An adequate section of pipe will provide sufficient evacuation to prevent water retention.

Not having the proper leads from the stopcock will cause a jam.

Deterioration by the passage of time

The deterioration of the pipe due to the passage of time is another of the most common problems caused above all by:

Increased adherence: pipes with wear and tear of the passage of time and use gain adherence causing the water not to flow as easily, causing blockages and leaks in the most damaged pipes

Lime: not all waters are the same and this is due to the variety of calcium and magnesium they contain. If the water reaches a high level of lime it can become sediment in the pipes, giving rise to clogging problems.

Do not cut the roots of the garden: this is one of the most repetitive problems since it is possible that the roots, despite cutting them, grow back in the same place.

Misuse of pipes or improper practices

On many occasions, it is the user himself who little by little causes a blockage in the pipe due to misuse or inappropriate practices:

Use the toilet as if it were a garbage can (hair, wipes, …)

Some detergents for dishwashers or washing machines, especially powdered detergents, are the most conflictive.

Pouring inappropriate liquids such as used oils, paints, solvents down the drain, which in addition to being highly polluting, causes serious problems in the pipes.

The best tools and machines for unclogging pipes

There are several methods, tools, and machines to unclog the pipes of the house such as:

Manual, mechanical, and liquid plungers if it is a not very serious obstruction

Machines to solve the problem caused by solid or semi-solid objects that are hindering the proper flow of water.

First, it is necessary to detect if the problem is rather superficial or if it is a possibly more serious problem in order to choose the method that best suits the problem.

Manual tools and plungers

The use of the probe for cleaning drains has a great advantage and is that it is very easy to use; you just have to turn and she does the rest of the work herself. It has a spiral designed to clean all the impurities and dirt from the pipe, and it also helps prevent new blockages.

The most common solution for rather superficial clogs such as accumulation of food residue in the sink, hair in the sink, etc., is a good manual plunger. Among the best manual plungers are:

Coiled wire manual plunger:

  • Facilitates unblocking very efficiently.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Fits any pipe
  • Light, compact and portable
  • It should only be used at home
  • No need to remove sump and siphon filters
  • Allows you to go from manual to electric model in a matter of seconds.

Manual rod plungers:

  • Used to clean pipes clogged by garbage
  • Length of 10 meters and diameter of 9mm.
  • Excellent tool that helps to remove and make smaller all the sediments and objects that clog the pipe.

Crank plunger:

  • Helps clear pipes clogged by organic matter
  • Ideal for cleaning toilets, drains, bathtubs, etc.
  • It is a tool in the form of a plastic pistol, composed of several nozzles that have a handle with a trigger to activate the pump which is responsible for releasing air under pressure and unclogging the material that is obstructing the pipe.

Industrial Destopper:

  • Compressed air cleaner ideal for removing debris found in home drains

Pressure pipe cleaner:

  • A professional instrument, used for toilet pipes, bathtubs, drains that are clogged.
  • Its suction and pressure force make it much more effective than manual plungers.
  • Durable and high-quality product
  • Environmentally friendly tool

Unclogged compressed air gun:

  • Fits most different sizes of drains.
  • It works by means of compressed air, it is easy, safe, and fast.
  • No harsh chemicals needed
  • Ideal for kitchens, showers, bathtubs, etc.
  • Machines for unclogging pipes

The unblocking machines have different spiral thicknesses, various sizes, and models.

Its function is to unblock and clean the pipes mechanically, flexibly, and mobile.

  • Drain plunger
  • Drain Pipe Cleaning Machine
  • Pipe plunger

This type of cleaning machine is the most efficient and recommended if the jam is more serious. The unblocking process is streamlined, the drains are completely free of obstacles, clean and the water flows again normally, although its use by a professional unblocking company is necessary.

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