There are many different types of tobacco alternatives on the market and a variety of different products that offer current smokers alternatives in terms of smokeless forms of tobacco products.

For smokeless products there are different users that use traditional flavors or some with some elements of sweetness or other. There are also a few products that are not using traditional tobacco leaves or stems but still contain nicotine for adult smokers. Chewing tobacco or dip tobacco as it is sometimes referred to is an example of this with both traditional tobacco and now some brands are providing alternatives to tobacco dip by using food based ingredients instead of the traditional tobacco.

Black Buffalo brand has a variety of products that don’t contain traditional tobacco leaves but users review the products as very close to regular chewing tobacco or dip tobacco with tobacco; the key difference is that you are chewing on food-based ingredients with nicotine versus having to chew tobacco leaf to enjoy your nicotine cravings.

Based on reviews, this is the best set of four dip tobacco that customers enjoy and switch between different flavors depending on their preference. The bundle offers a choice of different flavors and there is online ordering available also.


Mint is a great flavor that is commonly used in many different products and creates a pleasant aroma and flavor that many alternative tobacco users claim is their favorite on the website. As with any flavors, this is completely personal preference but mint does seem to be one of the more popular choices based on reviews and users mentioning mint as their personal favorite.


A blend of flavors such as licorice and vanilla with just a hint of smoke is what to expect with Straight long cut alternative dip tobacco. Reviews of this flavor mention that they enjoy the flavor and that it slightly tastes like root beer; also users mention that the product lasts and has a great value too.



Wintergreen is definitely a flavor that is popular as well, and gives a smooth chew with no actual tobacco stem or leaf. The wintergreen flavor is pleasant, reviving, and many customers review wintergreen as one of their more favorite flavors of chew.


The rich taste of peach is another flavor available and it has a bright and crisp touch of vanilla. The peach brings pleasantness to the tobacco dip. Many users review this as the best product and that they can’t tell the difference between traditional tobacco chew and alternative dip from Black Buffalo.

Based on all of the reviews and choices it seems that customers are really enjoying the options available today, especially in smokeless tobacco alternatives and being able to order online directly is also convenient for users that aren’t able to go to regular retail stores. There are also usually promotions and other specials available so ordering online seems to be a preferred choice of many users.


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