Business owners spend millions to make their brand stand out in the crowded job market. Marketers weave strategies to grab customers’ attention and generate exponential leads.

To get several clicks on “buy now” or “get this offer now” – business owners spend a good amount on the visuals of the company to bridge the gap between the audience and the brand itself.

One of the secrets of getting maximum potential clients is to have attractive visuals. And that is why Logos have become one of the major business symbols helping a business to get a prominent face in the business world.

According to David Airey – a famous designer of catchy logos and visual identities;

“When we look at something, we don’t read first. Before anything else – we see the shape, we see color, and if that’s enough to hold our attention, then we’ll read”

If you are finding it difficult to juggle between all your business-related tasks and you are not getting enough time to design a logo for yourself – no issues at all. Hiring master designers from creative logo designer Dubai is your win-win situation! But if you are willing to design a logo for yourself then we have penned down the 15 best tips for you to come up with an eye-catching logo.

Top 15 Tips to Design a Creative Logo That Fits Your Brand.  

We have listed below the top 15 tips to design a creative logo that will work best to increase your brand’s visibility.

  1. Do your homework
    Before you begin designing a logo, the basic step is to know what your brand is about. Work on knowing your brands’ targeted audience and its personality. All of it will help you to create a perfect logo for the brand you are working on.
  • Use your sketchpad
    Are you tired of sitting in front of your laptop for hours paying attention to design a logo? You may start having back pain due to it. What you can do is; move to your comfy sofa. Stay cozy there while designing your logo on a sketchpad. No headache or back pain at all!
  • Impression matters
    Your logo must leave a deep impression on the targeted audience. To come up with a creative logo, bring innovative ideas to your design-table. A glance at your logo should be enough to spellbind people and drag them towards the brand.
  • Pick the best colors
    Use the right blend of colors as it speaks a lot about the brand. Check out the logo of famous brands before working on the logo.  You can even study “color selection” for logos to decide on attractive colors to work with.

5. Do you want to convey any emotion to your clients?
Often a person’s first impression of a business is based on its name and logo. Consider the emotion you want your audience to experience using your logo well.

6. Right selection of Fonts
Some designers do not pay more attention to selecting the fonts in logos. It is a major reason for the rejection of logos by clients. Fonts play a vital role in logos and it develops a feeling of understanding in clients. It also helps the brand communicate with its clients.

7. Be unique
When everyone is following the same path, you need to go a little left from it. No need to copy what everyone is doing. Even if your client asks you to follow a specific trend, that is fine as it requires an expert designer to follow a specific trend while designing a logo.

8. No need to be literal
A logo doesn’t need to depict what it means to the audience. Some logos are only for an identity for a business. Later these symbols become an association between the logo and what that company does.

9. Minimalism is the new luxury
Keeping things simple has become recognizable over time. Make sure to include readable texts as it gives an aesthetic look to your logo.

10. Alphabets will work fine
Sometimes visuals are not necessary for the logo. You can check the logo of Google or Mobil. These companies have unique names making them extraordinary.

11. Make your audience happy
You can make people smile by using some fun techniques while designing logos. Check out the logo of Amazon to know how to put some humor in it.

12. Consider a second opinion
Don’t ignore the significance of an additional person’s eyes to spot flaws you may have overlooked during the design process.

13. Is your logo aligning with your Niche?
Make a strategy that appeals to your target audience and provides a message tailored to them. It ought to be something that reflects your answer to their problems.

14. Bring your motionless logo towards life
A static logo is becoming old-fashioned in the digital world. Branding services in UAE suggest; start looking for ways that can bring your logo to motion. It will eventually attract many leads turning them into loyal customers.

15. Take criticism lightly
It is fine if you are getting criticism on your designed logo. No criticism means no learning. Start taking things lightly to give your best shot!


Logo designing can get a bit tricky if you are designing your logo or you are working on a client’s order. You might like to keep in mind some tricks and tips to be followed while designing logos. Give a read to this article as we have jotted down some best tips you need to remember while designing logos.