Best Tips on How to Make Your Car Shine Like a New

Best Tips on How to Make Your Car Shine Like a New
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Your car should be properly maintained and cleaned regularly. After all, your vehicle speaks volumes about you, because sometimes people’s first impression can be based on its condition and appearance. So if you’re thinking about cleaning your car more effectively, then here are some amazing tips that will make your car shine just like a new one. 

Handwashing isn’t always the solution 

Sure, there’s nothing easier than washing your own car on your driveway, using just a sponge and a bucket of water. However, an old sponge with built-up grit can cause damage to your vehicle. In case a professional car wash isn’t an option for you, then feel free to do the job yourself, however, use a microfiber cloth instead of a sponge. Also, it’s crucial to use the proper soap, rather than any cleaning product such as dishwasher soap. Using just any product won’t damage your car, but it can strip off polish or wax, which will further expose the pain to various elements. The best solution is to wash your car according to instructions and take it to a car wash every three to six months. 

Preventative maintenance plays a big role

Everyone knows that prevention is the best cure there is. The same goes for cars: some preventative maintenance can play a crucial role. This can mean cleaning up your car after every long drive, especially during bad weather. Just applying some waterless wash product and then wiping it off can be of great help. The great news is, that this takes about 10 minutes, so you won’t have to spend hours cleaning and polishing your vehicle. A little effort today can save you a lot of time tomorrow. There are numerous waterless wash and spray-on detailers that make preemptive maintenance easy and effortless. 

Water and rain spots can easily be removed

There’s nothing worse than taking your clean car for a ride, only to encounter heavy rainfall. These water stains can make your car appear unkempt and dirty, which is something you want to avoid. So using a water spot remover for cars can dissolve all the residue and build-up. This type of special product can easily remove tough stains such as water spots and mineral build-up. The easy, wipe-on, rinse-off process makes your car maintenance even smoother. Having this product on hand can always keep your car clean regardless of where you are. You’ll never dread the rain or driving through a large puddle of water again!

How to Make Your Car Shine Like a New

Always apply the cleaning product to a towel 

As we’ve established, microfiber cloth is a better option than a sponge, despite what popular culture made you believe. However, there’s another, the important trick to remember: always apply the cleaning product directly to a cleaning towel. This might seem insignificant, but in reality, applying the product to the surface you’re cleaning isn’t the best idea. When you apply it to the towel, you’re also controlling the quantity of the product used, and also where it goes. If you apply a product all over a large area, you’re also creating a mess that takes time to fix. 

Use a clay bar for the most lustrous finish 

Sure, wax gives shine to the surface of your car, but sometimes it’s not the sole thing responsible for it. Instead, you can opt for a clay bar to give your vehicle a slick-looking finish. However, not many people are aware of this trick, although it has been around since the 1980s. Clay bars are known to successfully strip off grit, grime, and other contaminants. This also allows for the wax to adhere better, and also provides shine to the surface of the car. If your vehicle feels a bit rough to the touch after washing, then it’s a sign for you to use a clay bar. You’ll be happy with the results, that’s for sure.

Keeping your car clean and shiny should be your priority. However, be sure to clean the interior of the car as well, using a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning products. Your car needs to be clean both from the inside and outside. These tips will help you keep it dirt-free and lustrous, and your car will always shine like new!