Best Tips for Using YouTube Webcam

Recording with the built-in webcam on your laptop is a great way to start sharing videos online without necessarily having to invest in expensive equipment. However, most laptops come with pretty poor video quality webcams that produce less than desirable results.

Before we begin here is buyer guide of which is the best webcam for YouTube. If you want clear and crisp looking webcam videos, any one of these 7 simple tips should help you out:

1) Use a tripod for best results

A tripod will greatly improve the quality of your videos by reducing unwanted shaking movements, which are very common when using free hand held devices such as smartphones or camcorders.

If you use a smartphone, simply place it on the tripod first before attaching the camera to make sure it holds steady while capturing 1080p Full HD Video at 30 smoothly. Also keep in mind that your pictures will automatically be clearer and less shaky if you hold your phone steady, so try to prop it on a flat surface for best results.

2) Use light to improve video quality

You can record better looking videos by using lights, especially natural ones such as sunlight or the light of a lamp. The position of your laptop webcam is critical too: Avoid placing it directly facing a strong light source, otherwise you will get backlit images with dark shadows cast across the face and eyes instead of clear and well-lit videos that look good on YouTube.

3) Install Webcam Software for Better Videos

Since webcams come with their own processors and firmware controlling image capture on laptops, installing compatible software can further enhance their capabilities. Installing any popular webcam recording software such as MICROSOFT LIFE CAMERA or SPYDER 5 for example will allow you to change things like the white balance, backlight correction, contrast, saturation and hue of your videos in real time.

4) Keep Your Webcam Clean

When recording videos you will notice that dust particles and fingerprints appear much bigger, therefore they can show up much more easily in your webcam videos.

Because of this, keep the lens of your webcam clean at all times to avoid looking like a “zombie” during an online video conference or attracting attention of viewers who might see tiny specks of dirt flying around when you move your laptop too fast.

5) Use Mirroring Mode for Best Results

Finally, if you use MAC OS X El Capitan, simply activate mirroring mode before recording by pushing Command+F1 hotkeys on your keyboard to get detailed low light images with vibrant colors. If you are using Windows 10 on the other hand, simply go to “Settings” > “Advanced Display Settings” for the same result. For previous Windows versions, you can use third party software like DU Recorder if the camera has no dedicated hotkey.

6) Record at 720p HD or Higher Resolution

The best way to ensure that your webcam videos look great is by recording them at 720p HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), which will allow YouTube users to fully appreciate your true colors and crisp looking images without needing to zoom in on details first.

Therefore it’s always better to record at 1280×720 resolution than lower resolutions such as 640×480 or 320×240 since you will lose out on quality even before uploading your video clips online.

7) Turn Down Your Screen Brightness

Finally, keep the brightness of your screen as low as possible to avoid reflections that are very common when using cheap webcams under bright lighting.

If you have an expensive webcam with a high-resolution sensor and good microphone, adjust the saturation, contrast and backlight settings accordingly instead.

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Hope these simple tips will help you out! As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

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