Best Tips for Improving Pay Per Click Campaign Performance

For companies that operate in today’s world, online advertising has become a pivotal part of marketing. Not only is it highly efficient in driving sales, but it also has other priceless benefits like brand awareness and increased engagement. Whether you already have an active ad campaign or you’re looking to start one, pay per click ads can be easily optimized for better performance. Using easily accessible and cost-effective services like Google AdWords, generating revenue from ads is as simple as understanding how keywords work and writing the ad itself!

PPC advertising services

Here are 5 tips that will help improve your PPC campaign performance: 

  • Identify and Use High-Performance Keywords

 Arguably one of the most vital tips to increase PPC revenue, using the right keywords can sometimes be tricky. Checking the performance of keywords and ensuring that they have a high CTR (Click-Through-Rate) will help your ad deliver its goal. Various PPC advertising services like AdWords provides businesses with a tool to create a list of keywords generated through website analysis. Using VPN services can also help you understand the behaviour of overseas audience. Bidding on the right keyword will give you the most value for your money.  

  • Write Engaging and Relevant Advertisements

 The age-old rule of advertising and marketing is to understand what sells and use it to your advantage. PPC campaigns are also greatly influenced by user trends like these. To maintain good performance for your advertisement, the ad text and content should be relevant, varying and compelling. Although the character limit is generally very short, using catchy words like Limited, Hurry, Free, Offer and Sale will prompt the user to click on the ad. Creating appropriate site links on the search page also direct users straight into your website, serving as a convenient call-to-action.  

  • Rotating Advertisements

 Sometimes, even very well-planned ad campaigns tend to fade over time in terms of their performance. For ads to consistently deliver the desired results, it is of utmost importance to keep your ads in rotation and choose when the best time to display an ad is. With options like ‘For Clicks’, ‘For Conversions’, ‘Even Rotation’ and ‘Indefinite Rotation’, companies have a wide range to choose from. ‘For Conversions’ is the most used option as it displays ads based on prior performance. The ‘Even Rotation’ option can be used if every ad is to be displayed irrespective of how well it did in the past.   

  • Location-Based Targeting

This tip is invaluable for small business or locally operating ventures. Showing an ad to somebody in a different city or state is mostly a complete waste of money. The Google AdWords system provides easy to use options to correctly target a geographical region using GPS and IP addresses. Choosing between countries, areas within a country and radius around a given location, it easy to find the right market for your product or service. These are the main optimizations done by an SEO company in India, there are various regions and zones to choose from. Don’t be afraid to venture outside your locality and find untouched markets.  

  • List Out the Negative Keywords

 While this tip may be often overlooked, it is as important as having the right keywords employed in your ads. Without a good negative keyword list in place, losing money on unrelated searches is not uncommon. PPC is a powerful tool that helps drives traffic, but optimizing ads based on negative as well as positive keywords will generate a targeted and focused user traffic.

While choosing the irrelevant keywords bear in mind to not include any keywords that may block terms that are beneficial for your campaign. While choosing these keywords it can also be beneficial to identify which keywords are performing poorly. These keywords may not be negatively impacting traffic but can be merely slowing down growth. Pulling the weeds out will allow your grass to grow faster!

At the end of the day, Google AdWords and other PPC services only exist to enhance your chances against organic search. There is no real mantra to achieving your results at the fastest pace. Similar to any other form of advertising, experimenting is key. The best way to understand your audience and subsequently grow is to continue trying without being too afraid of failure.