Language Buddy is an online platform that lets you learn, understand and read the Scottish accent with the aid of a native Scottish speaker. It provides the few outstanding tips and tricks to learn and establish rhythms of Scottish English accent. Basically, Scottish accent involves large number of mouth movements to speak like a native speaker. Along with the care of mouth movements, you have to resemble the sound of Scottish Gaelic as well to speak in a fluent manner. These two things must be kept in consideration in order to gain expertise in Scottish English accent. Resultantly, it answers the question how to do a Scottish accent.

However, if you have the guidance of best online portal like language buddy, then you are at right place. Here are the few tips and tricks to be followed for having the native accent of Scottish English language. Those are; soften the vowels, harden the constants, roll the R s, swallow the double T s, and practice the Scottish speaking.

Soften the vowels:

One of the most significant factors while speaking the Scottish English language is to speak with the proper accent. And in that, you have to extra care about the softening of vowels. This creates a thing that must be required to have Scottish accent.

It is the main difference in American and Scottish accents. The American accent needs vowels to be spoken in hard accent while in Scottish you have to raise sound in softer way. For example, the Americans who want to pronounce A go ahead and tell it as Ay. On the other hand, they pronounce Ow at the time of sounding O.

Harden the constants:

In Scottish language, you have to soften the vowels and harden the constants. And when you practise these recommendations you will observe the difference of accents between American and Scottish.

Roll the R s

In Scottish language, you have to roll R while pronouncing it and you will follow similar practices like that of American accent. However, when the R comes at the middle of words thing would get changed. And you need to pronounce it rrrrr.

Swallow the double T s

You need to make sure you are swallowing them if there are double T’s. But you need to make sure that you do not just swallow if there is one T. Only when you can see double T letters in a particular word can you go ahead with it.

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