Best Tips and Tricks for Moving in the Summer With Your Family

Summer. It is the most anticipated season by students, families, and professionals. Most professionals and students are on holiday, making it ideal for families to reunite. The weather is also suitable for driving and fun outdoor activities.

Approximately 60% of the families move during summer. Car shipping companies are often overbooked, and their prices are ridiculously high. To avoid getting frustrated, here are some of the best tips and tricks for moving in the summer with your family.

  1. Involve Your Children

Children are the most affected when a family chooses to move. They have bonded with their environment and made close friends in the neighborhood. To them, moving means saying goodbye to their friends and the fun schedules they had.

You can make your kids feel like they are part of the decision-making and not being forced to move to a new environment. Consider allocating them packing for light items and their toys. Instead of having that sad feeling of leaving their neighborhood, the experience makes them feel as if they are getting ready to travel to an exciting destination.  

To avoid making them feel like you are running away from the area they have known as home, consider taking them for dates in their favorite spots before the big day. It will help them make the best final memories as they start feeling enthusiastic about their new home.

  1. Hire Movers Early

Because summer is a busy season for movers, it is easy to find a long waitlist when you contact the companies during summer. The prices are also high as thousands of people seek this service.

Ensure your search for the service provider happens early. It gives you time to compare different movers and understand what previous customers say about them. You can choose a day you would like to move when you are early. With this approach, you can avoid the weekends and public holidays when prices are even higher.

  1. Plan Early

Moving involves a lot of planning. It includes the type of house you will be moving to, the packaging for your possessions, when you want to move, and the moving budget at your disposal.

Because landlords, tenants, and movers almost go crazy, consider having everything planned way earlier. Check with the landlords in your new city or state about the houses whose occupants will be moving during summer or their leases will be expiring. After assessing several properties, you can book the most convenient one for you and your family and agree on the date you can move in.

Packing should begin as early as you decide to relocate. You can start with items that are not used frequently in your home. Also, consider personal belongings and fragile items needing special handling. It helps in preventing loss and damages when done by other people.

If you have extra items you no longer use, set up garage sales before the moving date. It helps you dispose of as many items as possible that mostly clutter your home. Donating the items you no longer use is also good if setting up garage sales is not your thing.

Plan how your pets or kids will be taken care of when you are busy packing and when supervising loading. Look for a babysitter early because they are also in high demand during summer. 

  1. Buy Enough Bottled Water

The temperatures are high during summer. You need to drink water constantly to keep your body hydrated. When moving, make sure you buy a lot of bottled water for your family and the moving team. 

It helps save time as those involved only need to pick a bottle of water instead of rushing to the store each time a person needs water. When hydrated, your moving team feels motivated, making the process faster as they do not slow down.

  1. Take Breaks

Avoid making moving look like an overdue eviction. Because you had planned everything early, you should have enough time to do everything at a reasonable pace. When packing, don’t kill yourself over work that can be done later.

Take breaks in between and consider doing fun stuff to distract yourself a bit. How about going to the beach and meeting other people? What about taking your children for an ice cream treat at their favorite spot? The breaks will help you remain sane throughout the period. 

  1. Prepare Your New Home

Before the actual moving day, pay a visit to your new home and do some serious cleaning. If the bushes are unkempt, trim and ensure the compound is clean.

Switch off your AC when you start moving things in since the doors will be opened throughout. When you keep the AC on, and the doors are open, you increase your power consumption, and the effect of the air conditioner becomes negligible. Consider using fans instead to keep the temperature tolerable.

  1. Use Sunscreen

Since the UV rays are pretty extreme, you can have severe sunburns on your skin. To protect yourself and your family from the dire effects, consider applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside. Ensure all the exposed parts are covered with sunscreen.

To avoid being washed off by sweat, choose a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. 

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Summer is about showing off some skin. However, forget about the flip flops and dresses for a moment when it is time to move. Instead, consider wearing something light and buggy. Ensure you are comfortable moving around and that your clothing does not make you sweat more. 

Light-colored clothes are better than dark ones since they do not absorb heat. The fabric used to make the clothes should be absorbent to make you feel more comfortable and rid you of excess sweating.

Are you planning to move this summer? Consider applying these tips for an enjoyable and stress-free process. You will also save a lot of time and money, and do not forget to tap a professional moving service provider.