Best time to trek the Annapurna Base Camp for beginner

Annapurna base camp trek season can be categories four times of the year. But two seasons can be the best time of a year.

The best time to trek Annapurna base camp is the pre Monsoon (March-May) and post-monsoon (September- November). It also called spring and autumn season.


Best season to trek the Annapurna Base  Camp


Best time to trek Annapurna Base Camp


The autumn season is the perfect time because of the warm and dry weather. The sky is clear and bright, and Mountain View can be crystal clear and fantastic.


This time also festival season in Nepal. So it makes a picturesque destination to attract the trekkers. The climate will be stable, and you can trek anytime.


The spring season is also another Best time to trek the Annapurna Base Camp. This time the weather even warm and outstanding clarity. Thus the higher altitude trek will be more enjoyable and memorable.


Along the trail, this time Rhododendron and wildflower blooming, it makes a lush forest looks colorful and beautiful. The splendid view of Annapurna range, Machhapuchre, and more snow-covered Mountain View.


There are challenges during summer and winter season trek. The summertime trekking trail slippery because of the raining. The temperature will be getting 0 degrees in the winter season. Anytime can change the climate of the higher altitude. And you can’t get any view of nature and mountains.


If you want to take part in the majestic view of the Himalayan range, the spring and autumn season will be the best time of the trek though you will adequately manage season-wise equipment all the time of year trek in Annapurna base camp trek. 


Annapurna Trekking Best Season


Frequently Asked Question During  the Annapurna Base Camp Trekking


How challenging is Annapurna base camp trek?


Annapurna base camp trek is a moderate and adventurous trekking trail. The Annapurna base camp trek is the famous trekking trail in the world.

Every trek has a unique nature, and the Annapurna base camp is also one of them. If you are physically fit and active, you can achieve the success of the Annapurna base camp trek.


When is the best time for Annapurna base camp 7 days trek?


September to November is the best time to trek in Annapurna base camp. The season weather is warm, and clear sky makes a beautiful journey towards the high altitude trek.

The season begins after the monsoon, so the environment is clean without dust surrounding and another attraction of greenery lush forest and nature.

Another second best trekking season start from March to May for Annapurna Base Camp.

The weather will be a warm and stable climate. The view of nature and the mountain is excellent. This is also the blooming Rhododendron and wildflower along the trek. It makes a stunning beauty of nature. Both season trekking in higher altitude trek in Himalayan region excellent time to view a snow-peaked mountain.

December to February is the weather is freezing, but visibility still excellent. The altitude trek very difficult to walk because of the cold. And very few hotels are open and fewer traveler along the trek. 

Junto August is the monsoon season. Any time can be rain and very hard to walk in a slippery path. The lower part of the Annapurna conservation trek can be part of the trek in this season. You are looking to explore the unique nature of deferent region trek. Annapurna base camp trek can be part of all around the year.


How are the lodges during Annapurna base camp trek?


Basic accommodation is provided during the Annapurna base camp trek. The tea houses are available along the trek, and the lodge’s rooms are clean and beautiful. The basic tea house provides twin sharing rooms and shared bathroom service.

Some of the tea houses at lower altitude trek, they provide hot shower and attached bath services. However, they provide comfortable and healthy accommodation during the Annapurna base camp trek.


Which types of food can we get along the trek?


Every tea house has a menu of different food items. You can choose from the list, such as Chinese, Local Tibetan, Indian, Nepali, and continental cushion. If you are vegetarian, you can order your choice.

We focused on local Nepali food items; it will be more hygienic than others. The food gives the power to walk. In the higher altitude trek, you should have soup items foods because of the altitude.


What kind of equipment do we bring while Annapurna base camp trek?


The Annapurna base camp trek, you have to bring warm and comfortable trekking equipment. The lower part of the trek more temperate climate, so you can wear half paints and a t-shirt; it should be fast dry and comfortable to walk. 

The trek heading towards the higher altitude, you have to have warm clothes because of the cold. You have to save your body from the cold, although you could not live for a long time. 

The tea houses provide clean and bright accommodation, but the room has only one blanket. So you must bring your sleeping bag. You have to check a list and season wised equipment bring to the trek. Otherwise, you can consult with us. Our company provides proper suggestions for trekking equipment.  


Are there any facilities for communicating during Annapurna base camp trek?


Nowadays very accessible to the communication facility in Annapurna conservation. The trekking trail all tea houses have a WIFI facility. You have to pay a certain amount for the uses of the Wi-Fi. Now the modern world became one small village.


Does dose my guide speak English?


Yes, your guide speaks fluent English. A guide will be the government certified person on a trek. Thus they had to provide all information about the trek and Nepali culture. They are well experienced in the Himalayan region trek. All guide gets first aid training, and they efficiently handled the unfortunate situation at high altitude. You can consult with guide if you have any problem and questions about the trip.


Do I need to hire a porter guide service?


All the local trekking company in Nepal provides the professional and experienced trekking guides. The guide helps you whole trip in Nepal. He will give a piece of information and leading the trekking trail in Nepal. Do you have any difficulty and unjust with the new environment, he will take care, and primarily focused on to solve the problem in altitude trek? They have a knowledge of first aid; if you suffer from the simple question, he will solve; otherwise, they will cooperate with the company rescue from the bad situation. 

The porter will help you to bring your luggage. If you take yourself, it will be heavy to carry, and you will not have time to enjoy nature. It will take worthless your journey. If you hire a porter, they will bring all the thiungs; you have time to take a picture and enjoy the adventurous journey. 


Do I need to bring a sleeping bag for a trek?


You have to bring a sleeping bag for the higher altitude trek. If you are coming high season trek, the Annapurna base camp trek crowed by the traveler. There was a certain number of tea houses along the trek; sometime, we may not found the room and sleep in the dining room. The hotel provides only one blanket, and it will not be sufficient for the higher zone trek. The more top altitude trek is frigid.


Do I need to have travel insurance?


You are taking part in a higher elevation trek. So you must have travel insurance. The insurance should cover emergency evacuation, medical checkup, flight cancellation.


Can I get safe drinking water? 


Sure, you will get safe drinking water during the trek. The lower part of the trek only get a mineral water bottle, but it was prohibited in Annapurna base camp trek. The tea houses provide safe drinking and boiled water. If you bring a water bottle, you can get pure from the tea house as well as you must carry water purified medicine or stair pin. It helps your cost reduction from the expense.