Best Timber Pergolas Company in Melbourne

A pergola was defined as a small construction installed in the garden and serving as a support for climbing plants. Today this definition has evolved somewhat. By “pergola” is meant a fixed structure of good quality, making it possible to provide a point of shade on the terrace, leaning against the house, or directly in the garden, free-standing.

The timber pergolas Melbourne provides a covered place to enjoy the garden, whatever the weather. You will find constructions that offer you a corner of shade to protect you from the sun, while others, completely waterproof, will also save you from the rain. There are closed versions that protect against insects and wind, like a veranda or a winter garden.

The principles to take into report when determining your pergola are:

  • Size
  • The material of the structure
  • The roof material
  • A leaning or a self-supporting structure
  • Accessories included or not

High-temperature treatment is a natural process that protects the wood against mold and wood-boring insects. The wood is heated to a temperature in a special oven. This rise in temperature makes it possible to modify the properties of the wood, thus making it insensitive to external aggressions without requiring maintenance or chemical treatment. 

Note that to avoid its graying, it is advisable to apply a stain, a saturator, and anti-UV paint, or oil for tinted wood before or immediately after assembly. 

As the wood has become insensitive to insects and mold, no chemical treatment is necessary, leaving the wood wholly natural and therefore 100% recyclable. Also, the wood is certified, so it comes from forests managed by ecological rules. 

You can choose the delivery of your wood pergola with or without assembly service. Without assembly service, the delivery is carried out with clear and detailed assembly instructions, allowing you to carry out the assembly easily. If you choose the assembly service, a team of professional assemblers come directly to your home and assemble the arbor at the location of your choice.