Best Tiling Trends in 2023

The idea of having a beautiful home has been introduced previously. People always look perfect and try to represent themselves in the best way possible by decorating their homes in the best possible manner. 

When decorating the home, tiles are one of the first things that come to mind. People invest thousands of rupees in this. But, when you go to install tiles, why not choose something that suits your home well? So, before you go on and contact a tiler in Adelaide, we suggest you look for the latest designs of 2023. 

1. Natural And Luxurious Tiles

Using tiles in your living space, bathroom, kitchen floors, and bedroom is always a good idea. But what if your home had given away a natural, simple, elegant vibe? If that is your desired vibe, go for granite limestone or onyx tiles. 

Installing these types of tiles can add a dramatic look to your home. Till now, one could experience this type of luxury in spa centers. But considering its popularity in 2023, many are considering these tiles for their home too. Although expensive, having them at home can offer you the much-needed positive feeling you want daily. 

2. Textured Tiles

With more designs being invented daily, people with strong enthusiasm for home decoration are now opting for a different tiling design. Of course, any tiles you install can add design and color to your home, but if you want to move away from the smooth surface and go for a shifting and irregular surface, textured tiles are the best for you. These are the best for those who want to add a rustic touch to their home. These tiles’ shapes and grooves can offer color, mood, and beauty. But if you are confused about where to find these tiles, contact Proz At Tiling for their service. 

3. Terracotta Tiles

Those looking for art and creativity know how terracotta has been in fashion, even though only a little is discussed. Even though various natural-looking limestone tiles have become people’s choice, terracotta has never been able to go out of people’s minds, and 2023 will be the same too. 

There is a specialty of terracotta tiles; the more you use them, the better they become. We suggest terracotta tiles if you want to add warmth and feel-good elements to your living room or kitchen. 

4. Colorful Tiles

Gone are those days when you were required to look for subtle and light-colored tiles for your home constantly. In 2023, we suggest you opt for some colors for your home. Go for some color and texture for your bathroom tiles, and use the curtains to compliment the same color, and you are good to go. However, if you need clarification about which texture or color you prefer, consult a tiler in Adelaide for expert advice. 


Tiles are one of the best ways to build a beautiful-looking home. But it would be best if you also had an eye for choosing the best ones. We understand that it can be confusing. That is why we have suggested to you the best tiling trends of this year in a detailed manner so that you can make a clear decision. So please go through them and order your favorite ones for your home.