Best Things To Do In Doha In 2021

If you’re planning t book Qatar Airways flights to visit Doha, the rich and beautiful place, then don’t forget to do the following things.

Qatar is a place to live and visit that you must do at least once in your life. You can easily book Qatar Airways cheap flights to visit Doha whenever you want. The country’s way of life is wonderful. One of the world’s most developed economies and a major tourist destination, Qatar was formerly one of the world’s poorest nations. So much so that it will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

But despite all of the contemporary amenities that Qatar has to offer, the country is firmly entrenched in tradition, which lends it its appeal. Here you’ll discover anything from local experiences to world-famous ones. Book cheap flights to Doha and start planning your next vacation immediately!

Explore the National Museum of Qatar

If you’re visiting Doha, your tour with cheap airline flights wouldn’t be complete until you explore the magnificent National Museum of Qatar.

The museum, which opened in March 2019, was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and erected where the previous Qatar National Museum was located. Whenever you book Qatar Airways flights and love history and art, don’t forget to visit this place.

Enjoy Banana Island’s Pristine Waters

The city of Doha may not be renowned as a beach resort. Still, suppose you find yourself in the city seeking a beach vacation while visiting it with Qatar airways online flights. In that case, you won’t be disappointed by the alternatives available to you there. Banana Island, a crescent-shaped island located off the coast of Doha, is incredibly small, yet it is also regarded as one of the greatest islands in Qatar, despite its little size.

However, this does not diminish the majestic Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, which sits directly on it. Amidst palm palms and a picturesque waterfront, it’s one of the most exquisite places you’ll ever stay on your visit with cheap airline online flights to Doha.

Don’t Forget Katara Cultural Village.

If you love art and book Qatar Airways online tickets to Doha, you must also visit Katara Cultural Village. It is a meeting place for artists and intellectuals in Qatar and was built primarily to develop and foster cultural awareness in Qatar. An intricate maze of twisting paths leads you to director’s chambers, artists’ offices, and various other office spaces within. Arabian and Qatari styles inspired the architecture of Katara Cultural Village, and it was built in the style of a mini-township.

There is an outdoor Amphitheatre on the lake and an opera house. In addition to hosting music performances, the Katara Cultural Village is also a famous location for cultural festivals such as the Traditional Dhow Festival and the Palestinian Heritage Festival. Your kids will also love this place which means you should visit it even if you are going to Doha with cheap online flights with your family.

Spend Some time in Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve

This place is known as the biggest natural reserve in Qatar and is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We recommend you visit this place if you are booking cheap Qatar Airways flights with your family. Known as the inland sea in the region, it is a pleasant juxtaposition of the sea encroaching on the desert. It’s surrounded by the wildness that offers some of the most magnificent terrestrial flora and animals, as well as natural landforms of the whole country, like the Grand Canyon.

It is not uncommon for tourists to see Arabian gazelles, osprey birds, turtles, and dugongs lazily strolling through the beautiful vegetation. Visit the Khor Al Adaid beach to rest after your explorations.

Amuse at MIA Park

Pei’s magnificent Museum of Islamic Art is surrounded on the east and south by MIA Park, designed like a crescent. For those who want to play sports, get some exercise, or rest in nature, the park’s groomed appearance and great landscaping make it a top choice for anyone looking to do so. Not only you but your kids can have a blast on the two huge, gated playgrounds. Whether you are visiting Doha with Qatar Airways cheap flights tickets with your family members or friends, going to MIA park is recommended to spend some quality time. Like the museum, there is a dress requirement for entering the park, so be sure to wear proper clothing while entering.