Best Suburbs for Families to Live Near Boston

The verdict is in.  City life has wore out its welcome with it’s micro apartments and exorbitant rent prices.  It took a pandemic for many to realize that being stuffed into a Downtown apartment is nothing like breathing the fresh air from your backyard during quarantine.  As a result, in Downtown Boston vacancy rates are at 20% and apartment prices are down 10%, while the median home value went up.  It appears that buying a house in the Burbs is now the thing to do, with the median price of homes for sale in Boston increasing 12% in 2020.

It may be a temporary phenomena, or it may be here to stay, but if you’re one of the thousands who are looking to flee the density of Downtown towards greener pastures, here are 3 great suburbs to live in Boston.  

Brookline, MA

We start with the top shelf suburb of Brookline.  Brookline is very much a part of Boston, albeit outside city limits, and has always been the premier suburb of Boston.  It’s one of the best suburbs in Boston for young professionals and families alike, with an average school rating of 8/10.  Brookline apartments do not come cheap, and neither do homes.  The average rent prices of a 2 and 3 bedroom are $2600 and $3400 respectively, and the median home value is over $1.1M.

Boxborough, MA

Boxborough is a very small, quiet residential place that counts only 6k inhabitants: perfect for those looking for a friendly, welcoming ambience of neighborhood and community. Its charm comes at a high price, with the median rent sitting at$2,500 a month and an average home price of$543K.When it comes to schools, they are abundant and some of the best rated in the area, making it one of the best places to live for families near Boston. The commute to Boston is under an hour, and there are some public transit options available for residents as well. 

Hopkinton, MA

Slightly bigger than Boxborough, and a tad more cosmopolitan, Hopkinton counts 17k people amongst its residents.  It provides a quiet lifestyle, yet with enough entertainment options locally to keep you busy. The cost of living is quite steep at $3,000 per month, and the average home price in the neighborhood is$642K. Hopkinton’s schools are some of the best in the Boston area, and a great place to educate your kids. Conmutes are under an hour to Boston, but the public transportation is abundant, from buses to taxis including Uber Hopkinton.

Acton, MA

Acton is another excellent place for a young family that is looking for peace and quiet but still enjoys fun and entertainment on the weekends with many good restaurants and fun events to attend.Average rent price is $2,800 a month and the median home value is around 600k. The schools are very highly rated and rather good quality, and the commute is also reasonable at around 40 minutes to get to Downtown Boston. Public transport is abundant and regular, so if you don’t have a car you won’t feel “stranded” in this neighborhood either !