Best Strings And Tension For Each Tennis Player

String tension is one of the primary criteria in selecting the best racquet for tennis. It is a fact that tennis players can only perform best with appropriate tennis racquets. But if their racquet doesn’t have the suitable string tension in a tennis racquet, they may lack performance. 

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Moreover, it is a tricky task to find the right string tension in tennis racquets. Players get more control while using the best control oriented tennis racket that comes with high tension strings. 

Tension ranges

Every tension racquets come with a different tension range according to manufacturer capabilities. Firstly let’s look at what string tension represent in tennis racquets.

The string and tension of each racquet show the optimal performance and their capability. But ensure that you don’t have the to high string tension. The increased string tension can deform the racquet frame or even crack it into pieces. Tennis manufacturers declare the string tension at the point of their manufacturing. So you can check it from their label and buy one according to your requirement. 

Here is the string tension of the top five tennis racquets. 

  • Yonex Ezone 98 has the 45-60 lbs tension 
  • Wilson Clash 100 has 48 to 58 lbs tension value
  • Yonex VCore Pro 100 string tension ranges from 45 to 60 lbs
  • Babolat Pure Strike comes with the 50 to 60 lbs string tension
  • Wilson Blade 98 also has the 50 to 60 lbs string tension

Every tennis has different string tension that changes by the effect of two factors that you must know. These two factors include the Dwell time, Coefficient of Restitution.  The dwell time refers to the time for which the ball stays on the string. In contrast, the coefficient of restitution refers to the collision between the racquet and ball. It also includes the elasticity between the collision. The change in tension string affects the player regarding racquet power, control, and body stress.

However, there is no exact limit to the tennis string tension as everyone has different preferences. There is no linear relation between tennis string tension and the coefficient of restitution. So it would help if you chose the tennis racquet string tension according to your preferences. 

Which string tension can you choose? 

Before choosing the tension string, you need to determine what type of game you are looking for and what you want in the racquet. If you are physically strong, it is best to have high string tension instead of lower power. But if you are not a powerful player, then lower string tension is also best. 

But keep in mind that don’t make drastic changes in string tension, as loose tension may not suit your gaming power. 

Final verdict

So by summing up, it is clear that racquet tennis string is important to win a tennis match. Every tennis player demands a different range of string tension, so they must choose it according to preferences. 

I hope this write-up helps you in understanding the string tension and you will enjoy your tennis game.