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According to estimates provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), between 80,000 and 180,000 healthcare personnel have lost their lives all around the world as a result of COVID-19. Many fatalities have been among those providing direct patient care, and others have suffered the loss of friends and coworkers. They are angels and heroes in this big disaster with stethoscope.  


A Brief History of Stethoscope

The stethoscope was invented by René Laennec in Paris in 1816 at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital. It was a monophonic instrument constructed from a wooden tube. Laennec invented the stethoscope because he was apprehensive about putting his ear directly on a woman’s chest to hear her heartbeat. According to his research, paper rolls may enhance heart sounds without the requirement for physical contact. In reality, Laennec’s invention was virtually similar to the trumpet, commonly referred to as a “microphone” before it was invented. It was Laennec who termed his new invention the stethoscope (site tho-+-scope, “chest scope”), and he dubbed its use “mediate auscultation” since it was auscultation using a device that was put between the patient’s body and the doctor’s hearing.

The combination of Stethoscope and Jewelry 

Because it is possible to personalize it spectacularly, this breathtaking piece of stethoscope jeweler is the perfect present for nurses, physicians, veterinary nurses, medical assistants, medical students, and anyone else who works in the medical area. More specifically, the stethoscope earrings are one of the most popular and most liked jewelers amongst healthcare workers.

Heroic Stories of Healthcare Workers in COVID-19 

Four staff from the Mayo Clinic are featured in an exciting video interview produced by the Post Bulletin. In the interview, the employees talk about their experiences caring for COVID patients on the front lines. The four people who work in healthcare — two nurses, a paramedic, and a respiratory therapist — share stories that range from horrifying to encouraging during their careers.

Amy Spitzer, a critical care nurse who works in an intensive care unit with patients who have COVID-19, recalls moving from one hospital room to the next and noticing that all of the rooms were occupied by patients who were in a severe state. She remarked, “I’ve never experienced this time in my life before.” “I hope that this upsurge will end very soon. And there is no longer any need for us to deal with this problem. “Traci Kokke, an infectious diseases nurse, specializing in monoclonal antibody therapy, couldn’t contain her joy when she witnessed a patient’s recovery after getting the treatment.

Andrew Torres, an emergency paramedic for the Mayo Clinic, avoids going to the homes of people who live further out than his immediate neighborhood. However, he acknowledges that it will be challenging “because those things helped you reset.”

Despite the strains that are now being placed on them, the medical staff at Mayo continue to lean on one another for support, just as their colleagues elsewhere in the business do. A respiratory therapist, Desiree Cogswell, observed, “We are a family.” We are gathered here to be of service to one another. Because we are all aware of what one another is going through, we are placing a significant amount of our trust in one another during this time.

Stethoscope Earrings

These stethoscope earring studs were designed for physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals in recognition that their whole careers are devoted to ensuring that the rest of us remain healthy. They are one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that will be given to the recipient.

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