Best Solar Companies In Shreveport, LA For 2021

With the demands going up on people who want to shift to solar energy use. The number of solar providers is also increasing and it is challenging to choose among them. A lot of Shreveport solar panel companies are offering good packages to their clients and this makes it more difficult to choose among them. Here are some tips on How we determine the best solar companies in Shreveport, LA for 2021.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Solar Companies in Shreveport 

Licensing and Insurance 

Legit companies should always be able to present their license to their clients. They will not hesitate if their clients would have a background check on them. They understand that the price of their products is high and it is a form of investment. So, clients have to make sure that they are dealing with legit solar providers. Most documents that can prove their company’s credential is usually posted on their websites as well as in their physical stores. As a client, you can have it checked if they are legit. Apart from licenses, having insurance can also be a good advantage for the company as well as the clients. Solar companies should offer insurance to protect their company as well as their clients. 

Company’s Reputation 

Reputation is a good way to know if a company is good or not. You can check on feedback and reviews on their online platforms and you can even check on their previous projects. Choosing local solar providers can be ideal since you can get feedback from your neighbors or acquaintances who have availed of their products and services. Another advantage in patronizing local solar providers is that they are known in your area and you can easily get information regarding the company. As they say, a good company is known by many. 

Years of Experience 

Established companies have already been exposed to many kinds of clients and have harnessed their skills in perfecting their works. Dealing with solar providers who have been in business for a long period can be a good choice. Experienced workers are often found in solar companies that have been operating for a long time. For the years that they have worked with the company, they have already enhanced their skills in mounting and assembly solar panel systems. You can be assured that your installation will be in good hands. 


Certificates issued to the company or workers can prove that they are trained and accredited to do the job. There are a lot of certifications that can be issued to the company or their workers. Try checking on them. More certifications mean better. 


Choose solar providers who can give warranties on their products as well as a performance warranty. A reputable company can give a 25-year product warranty since they are confident that their products are durable enough to last that long. For the performance warranty, 15 to 20-year performance warranty is good enough, since high-quality solar panels should not decrease 10% or below on their efficiency despite being used for long years. Maintenance included in the warranty can also be a big thing. Regular maintenance of solar panels can prolong its efficiency and can be monitored if there are any issues. 

Customer Service Ratings 

Solar providers who are good with their clients can only reflect how they take care of them. Take note that you will be dealing with your solar providers for 25 years or even more. That’s why you have to choose someone who can be able to render service to you for that long and someone who can compensate for any issue on your solar panel in the future. 

Using these tips to choose the best solar companies in Shreveport, LA For 2021 can be a good start for you to know more about solar companies before finally choosing one to have your solar panel installed. Start knowing your local solar provider and focus in your area. In this way, you don’t have to choose from too many lists. There will always be an advantage if you choose someone who is near your area. They can easily check your solar panels whenever needed and you can rely on them anytime.