Best Software To Create How-To Videos

Do you want to create videos? But you are confused about which software is best for creating videos. Don’t worry we are here to solve your confusion with the help of our article. Through which you can easily get to know the best Software to create how-to videos.

Top Software For Video Creation

  • Camtasia
  • Filmora
  • iMovie
  • Corel Video Studio
  • Nero Video
  • Lumen 5
  • InVideo
  • Final Cut ProX 

Now we will discuss them separately. So let’s start with-


Camtasia is the best software to record videos. Camtasia software was designed and released by Techsmith. It makes the recordings simple, easier and looks professional. 

This software is operated on Windows and Mac devices.

Camtasia records everything on your screens such as websites, video calls, or PowerPoint software. The software offers many features to its users for making it easy to create videos using this. Techsmith Camtasia is quite expensive for users. But the features of this software are very magnificent for creators. The company offers exclusive deals throughout the year by Techsmith Promo Codes.


When we talk about the best video editing software, we consider Filmora the best video recording software. Filmora is a product of Wondershare, it provides simple and high-quality video editing features. 

The software design is easy-to-use and offers features like transitions, filters, motion elements and allows you to use only rights-free audios. 

Filmora lifetime license cost $59.99 or $39.99 for a year. You can also reduce the actual cost by using Wondershare Filmora Coupon Code


iMovie has the powerful incorporation with apple products and is simply the best software to record videos. You can add sound effects to your videos according to scenes like love, fear, comedy, or tension. It offers many filters, transitions, and elements to make your video more impressive. Also, the text and titles are beautifully animated.

This software is free to use for mac devices.

Corel Video Studio

Corel Video Studio has all the features that make it the best video-creating software. This software is easy to use and offers innovative features to its users. It offers the main features which include 4k support and 360 degrees VR. you can add project templates, AR stickers, video stabilization to make your video look more impressive.

It offers all its features at $51.99 for a one-time payment. Above We have explained about Filmora and here we mention Corel Video Studio. The reason is many people are confused between both of them, which one is better to use: Filmora Or Corel Video Studio.

Nero Video

Nero video is a video editing software that offers both simple and advanced features to edit your video. It provides many features such as easy transfer of videos and images from your mobile, adds templates, supports 4k, HD & SD video format. 

This is a low-pricing software that is available for $49.99 at a one-time payment.


Lumen5 is the video-making software that helps in creating videos easily for content marketing, thought leadership, or brand awareness. 

It offers many features to its user’s such as-

  • It can modify the blogs into videos with A I powered technology.
  • Offers a content library with various photos and videos.
  • You can convert watermarks, logos, colors, etc.

You can make 480p videos with a free version. For 1080p videos, you have to update it with $50 per month.


InVideo is another best software for creating a video. It offers a variety of features to the users such as-

  • With more than 5000 templates, you can edit them as per your will.
  • It offers over 9 million media such as iStock, Shutterstock, Pexels, and many more.
  • You can upload your video to any social media platform easily.

It is an affordable software that is available for $15 for a business plan and $30 for an unlimited plan.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro, formerly known as Final Cut Pro X . It is a video editing software that has many features provided to the users. It is creative, offers training and education, reviews code, demos products, and shares ideas and feedback. Also, it has customer support or sends updates to the distribution companies.

It can be operated on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices. Also offers a 90-day free trial.

Conclusion: Best Software To Create Videos

Here we have mentioned the software that is best for video making. All are different in their features and prices. Some software is free to use and for some, you have to buy a subscription. But all are the best programs for video creation. 

You can choose according to you, which software is suitable for you as per the features or prices.