Best SOFA Cleaning Services  In UAE

With the recent lockdown and working from home turning out to be a new norm, we’ve all become strong bffs with our sofas. Right from working on the sofa, to snacking, and sometimes even napping, the sofa is there to take all our weight (and dirt). But from time to time, we must give that much needed pampering to your favorite piece of furniture with a sofa cleaning treatment.

Sofas are the most commonly used pieces of our furniture, and the most convenient ones too. We sit on them, we entertain our guests, our kids jump all over the sofas and for our pets, it’s the most comfortable napping spot. All this also means that our sofas bear the brunt of our lifestyle. Right from tiny crumbs of food to dust, pet hair, pollen, and dried skin – all types of dirt makes its way into the nooks and crannies of our sofas and settles down in the crevices. Plus, we’ve all gone through those times when a cup of tea or coffee or juice has accidentally spilled all over the sofa fabric resulting in those hard to remove stains that often need to be covered up with some sort of cover. But thankfully, JOBOY UAE is here to solve all of that with the best services for sofa cleaning in Dubai.

The sofa cleaning offered by JOBOY UAE begins with a thorough vacuuming of the sofas to make sure all the dirt has been cleared out from every corner. Then the sofas are deep cleaned using a special shampoo and our staff work together in a team to correctly cover every single part of the sofa so nothing gets left out from getting it’s share of the cleaning treatment. What’s more, we bring all our equipment along with us, and make sure to mop the floors after the cleaning is done, so you can get all the work done hassle-free.

At JOBOY UAE , we partner with the best in class sofa cleaning service providers to offer you a quick, easy and convenient option to keep your sofas looking as good as new. We use healthy cleaning solutions that are highly effective, quick to dry, leave a fresh smell and will have you enjoying your sparkly clean sofa in less than few hours.

Not only do we offer very affordable prices for all sizes of sofas – right from 1 seater to 10 seater sets, but we also care about your safety by ensuring all our employees are trustworthy, efficient and verified. So in the end, you get to enjoy a thorough vacuuming, sanitization and deep cleaning of your sofas from JOBOY UAE. If you feel your sofas deserve a good shampooing session then get in touch with us to find out about our sofa cleaning services.

How to book with JOBOY UAE

Simply log on to our website or download the JOBOY UAE Mobile App to book your sofa cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ,Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah or Al Ain. Whether you require the service at your home or your office, simply enter the address, choose your preferred date and time, and select the different sofa sizes you are looking to get cleaned. You can add any additional instructions if you like, and we’ll try our best to incorporate that during our service. Then all you need to do is make the payment, whether you choose to pay through online banking or cash on delivery, and our staff will be there for the sofa cleaning at your location.