Best Social Media Marketing Tools for 2020

Social media marketing is not at all a cup of tea for all as more & more businesses are turning towards social media for the promotion of their products & services. In this case, social media marketing tools are making work much easier for marketers. We are sharing a list of widely used & popular social media marketing tools that you can use daily. We consider these tools best because they are user-friendly & cost-efficient for small businesses with budget constraints.

So here is the list of those social media tools that we consider are the best choice for you along with that we will discuss the specific functionalities of these tools as well:

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation tools give a marketer a manual lead generation task & turn it into an automated process where the tool itself will generate organic leads for you. A recent survey claims that businesses with marketing automation tools have 50% more conversion rates.

Tools for Marketing Automation:

Ontraport: if you want to automate your email marketing process then Ontraport should be your priority. This tool can greatly cut down your processing time through its advanced email sequencing that can generate good quality of leads & boost your conversion rate.  Highly reliable & easy to operate, you can even create your sales page & collect payment through this single tool.

Zapier: this tool is specifically useful for those who want to automate their social media marketing process. You can integrate a good number of online services & then automate them by trigger & action options available on the dashboard. 

It allows you to connect up to 9 different social media sites & other online services from a list of 500+ available options to your account. You can also create a chain of automated commands such as sending a post or tweet automatically based on a trigger & then automatically store its content in a word document.

Getting Materials of Social Engagement:

There are some tools available on the internet that helps you to buy materials of social engagement such as Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter retweets & YouTube subscribers. For this, they use genuine accounts so that this activity doesn’t harm your account’s reputation. One of these tools is:

BulkFame: this tool provides you with an SMM panel that has an ASI dashboard from where you can instantly buy the materials of social engagement without calling customer services. This SMM panel is low in cost & can even be used by small businesses as well.

Analytical & Monitoring: 

Tools specifically for analysis & monitoring activities are very much helpful in measuring the performance of your posts & response of your audience on them. They can also tell you much about the recent trends on social media sites through which you can formulate your future post strategies.

These tools can also allow you to monitor the posting activities of your competitors & influencers. This will give you a lead over your competitors with better results & reduce the waste of time & efforts.

Analytical & Monitoring tools:

Google Analytics: not only for just social media but google analytics is a tool that helps you in tracking the performance of your every online activity. You can even integrate it with Adwords for optimizing your campaign.  Free to use, google analytics is a great tool to get insight into the performance of your website, its traffic sources, bounce rates, referrals & conversions.   

Brand24: This tool is specifically designed for analyzing & monitoring social media platforms. This tool helps you in tracking the number of times your brand name has been surfaced on different social media platforms, forums, blogs & other sites.

What you just have to do is put the keywords that you want to monitor on different social media sites. You can attach the tool with your android & iPhone apps to get the notification of tracking on mobile.

Content Marketing: 

Content marketing tools allow you to generate appealing & optimal content that can be more associated with your business. These tools suggest different trending topics on which you can design your content. Following are some tools specifically good for content marketing:

Buzzsumo: A widely used tool for content marketing that helps you to get the content that can best perform for the given topic as well suits your business model. Secondly, it can also show you how much different content related to the topic has been shared on different platforms. This tool is also great to have an eye on content shared by your competitors & on the content that is much admired by your audience. Filters are well-set to provide you content details as per day, date & time in which they are shared.

Feedly: Another content marketing tool that can help you in search, collect & read the blogs, forum discussions & news sites that are related to your industry topics in one place. It allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds & then you can organize them as per your need. Feedly gives you an open hand to collect content from your favourite sites & utilize them to generate your content for the social media postings. 

Audience Responsiveness:

If you are not good at content creation & analyzing, then you might find yourself in a weak position. Here, one thing that can help you to turn that weakness into a strength by actively responding to your audience’s queries, complaints & suggestions. Following tool can help you in better responsiveness to your audience

Answer the Public: this tool is multi-tasking as it allows you to search the keywords that are most active among the audience as well as it also allows you to respond to the audience on their respective comments on your posts. By responding to their comments you can increase your youtube subscribers as well

Influence Marketing:

Influence marketing is the latest trend in social media marketing where you can have a well-established user related to your industry to promote your products & services on his account. Some tools can help you in identifying such influencers that are related to your business as well as per your needs.

GroupHigh: a great tool that allows you to connect with prominent bloggers of their database that contains nearly 13 million of them. The information about these bloggers is very comprehensive to help you in choosing the best one out. Low in price, GroupHigh has an efficient algorithm that tracks your campaign progress & forwards you a report on it. You can easily connect & establish relationships with these bloggers for influence marketing.

Traackr: ranked as one of the best influence management tools for social media marketing, Traackr should be your best choice for searching influencers. It shows you all necessary details about an influencer’s profile such as his posts, conversations, connections & size of his profile across multiple social media sites.

Graphics Tools:

Many times a marketer has to rely on himself to design & edit posts. For that occasion, there are some tools specifically designed in such a way that non-professional designers can also make decent & appealing posts. One such tool is:

Canva: This tool is designed with the best user-friendly specifications so that anyone without technical know-how can also design posts on it. It carries some popular layouts & designs so that you can directly choose from them. You can use Canva for creating infographics, presentations, ads & social media images, etc.  So now our exhaustive list of best social media marketing tools for 2020 ends here & with it, you can now have a better understanding about which certain tool is for a certain activity of social media marketing.