Best SMS Marketing Practices to Promote Your Online Business

Reaching out to the target audience has emerged as a significant challenge in competitive markets like the United Arab Emirates. Small businesses like eateries, maintenance businesses, travel services, etc. suffer a lot in such a setting. This is the main reason SMS marketing has emerged as their savior.

SMS marketing allows businesses to reach out to their target audience by sending them promotional and informative messages. Such type of marketing is mostly used for the following reasons.

  • Sale promotion
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Launching new products
  • Updates and notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • To get feedback

Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is not becoming popular without any reason. It offers the following benefits:

  • Instant message delivery
  • Higher message opening rate
  • Higher response rate
  • Feasibility to opt-out
  • Cost-effective
  • Measurable
  • Wider target reach
  • Personalization facility

Explore this article in detail to learn about the best SMS marketing practices to promote your online business.

Top 7 SMS Marketing Tricks to Boost Your Online Sales

Promoting an online business or giving a boost to sales is a real challenge. However, SMS marketing is trying its best to support the small and online business owners by helping them to reach out to the target audience. Sending the messages without proper planning can ruin the outcome.

Here are the top SMS marketing tricks to boost your online sales.

  • Be Clear About Your Frequency

The constant ticking of the message tone can annoy the users. They might block you if you send them too many promotional messages. So, the first trick of SMS marketing is to be clear about your frequency. Set a limit for a month and send messages to the consumers accordingly. Most business owners acquire service of companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai to avoid the hassle of the following limitations and ensure smooth reach to their targets.

  • Use Short and Brand Friendly Codes

The second trick of boosting online sales through SMS marketing is to use short and brand-friendly codes. The users will not read the long paragraphs of the message. You have to ensure that they get the message in an instant. There is no better way of ensuring this other than using brand-friendly codes that stick to their mind.

  • Use Right Business Keywords

The business might use the SMS marketing service for promotional, sale, new launch, or feedback purposes. It is quite important to use the right business keyword according to purpose or service. Only then you will be able to grab the attention of the message reader. So, do not just send the message abruptly but put effort into its creation.

  • Avoid Slangs and Abbreviations

Another important trick to boost online sales or business through SMS marketing is to avoid slang and abbreviations. The slang or abbreviated terms might be trending and known widely; however, their use robes professional touch. So, avoid them to the best possible limit. You can use it as a marketing trick once in a blue moon.

  • Create Limited Time Offer

Nothing excites the consumers more than limited-time offers. It gives the impression of popularity and develops the urge to make most of the offer. So, mention the limited time offer of the service in your message and create urgency. You can also reframe the frequency of messages in order to help consumers remember the last date of the offer.

  • Keep the Message Short

One of the key points of SMS marketing is to keep the message short. Nobody likes to read the long paragraphs of the message even if it is from their loved ones, let alone the promotional messages. Include to the point information. Mention the limit date if there is any. Moreover, do not forget to share the contact information.

  • Include Call to Action

Another important SMS marketing trick that can give an instant boost to your online business or sales is including a call to action in your message. You need to excite the consumers or target audience and compel them to take action in your desire. If you lack such skills, you can also hire SMS marketing companies  to create the most compelling messages and advertise them to your target audience.

Follow SMS marketing tricks to maximize your gains!

Getting the attention of consumers and satisfying their needs is nothing less than the greatest challenge in this modern age. The option of SMS marketing campaigns can help you achieve your goals in a limited time; if you utilize them properly. If you are short on time or lack the professional skills, you can always rely on professional support to get your work done. So, consult the advertising agencies now to ensure timely and wider reach to your target population and enjoy a boost in your sales and profits.