The Best 3 Small Caravans in Australia & Why

Large is good, but can’t small be better?

We say, yes.

It’s good to have more space, more amenities, a front island bed, a full-width bathroom and so on. However, large things can be painful sometimes. It could become a burden to own and use.

If you believe in the philosophy “travel light, travel happy,” then a small caravan is the perfect companion for you.

Buy a small caravan because it’s a lighter vehicle and a flexible choice without compromising the benefits of caravan living. It sacrifices unnecessary space for a more affordable cost. If you look around enough for a used small caravan for sale, you are more likely to find the perfect one for your caravanning needs.

Benefits of a Small Caravan

Here are some benefits when you buy a small caravan. Read up to know how safer and economical it is when compared to the large caravans.

Tow Easy

Towing is no easy task. Reversing and turning a combination of car and caravan could easily be the most stressful task in your caravanning life. Worse is when you land on an unknown track that turns out to be a dead end with no room to turn.

Towing a small caravan is safer and easier when compared to towing a large one. The lighter weight and smaller size cause less drag. It’s less likely to wobble when driving at high speeds and makes it easier to handle while manoeuvring into camping spaces. This means less stress and a much safer driving experience.

Fuel Economy

It would be a no brainer to say that towing a smaller and lighter caravan saves money on your fuel bills compared to a heavier vehicle. There’s already a hike in fuel consumption when your car tows the caravan, but a lighter caravan will not push it to the extremes.

Low Purchase Cost

If the size of the caravan is not a necessary parameter, you should buy a small caravan which can meet your needs in a more economical way. For the same features, most of the small caravans come at a much lower price.

Also, they come in a range of shapes and sizes which makes it easy for you to buy a small caravan that suits your budget and needs.

Store Easy

After your road trip, the biggest challenge is to store your caravan. You will need good storage facilities to protect your caravan from the elements, but if your caravan is big, you need a big garage to house it. Not many of us can afford a bigger space.

If you have a small caravan, it will take up only less space for carports and garages. How simple it makes your life!

The Best 3 Small Caravans

There is an increasing number of small caravans available in Australia that has the conveniences of large caravans with lightweight and compact designs.

Avan Aspire 555

Contemporary in styling and build, this caravan impresses with the number of features it packs into its compact size with a spacious lounge, off-side kitchen and a rear washroom with a lined shower. This small caravan is sure to appeal to couples who want an easy-to-tow caravan with lower specs to keep the price down.

Avan Applause 600

This small caravan fits perfectly into the market of the cut-down version of traditional Australian-built caravans with little comforts. It delivers most of what you get on a bigger rig including kitchen, canvas awning, external shower and solar panels. It also has enough headroom to stand up confidently without bumps on your head.

Golf 607 Tourer

Golf Caravans has been building composite small caravans with ensuites at affordable prices with a Euro design touch. It packs a dynamite of a lounge, dinette, double bed, kitchen and combination shower/toilet into its compact body. It is towable by city cars and SUVs. It has an appealing price tag too.

Small is Better

All compact small caravans are packed with features to make your adventure stress-free. Depending on your needs and budget, you may look for a used small caravan for sale or buy a small caravan which is new.

With a small caravan, you can make the best use of space it offers. The top models mentioned here have managed to put all the amenities you need into the small space and yet stands out from the crowd.

During public campsite parking, you might need to share facilities but it could turn out to be a lovely experience. It’s more likely that you meet like-minded people, enjoying barbecues and learning useful caravan tips.