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If we’re beginning out, there are always certain things we aren’t aware of, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you as that’s how we constantly learn new things. Domain authority might be among the things you need to be aware of. Don’t worry because I’ve got it all covered for you. Well, if you have flipped a domain or placed a direct ad on your site, you’ll know that SEO-oriented clients are keen on indicators like Domain Authority and Page Authority.

People are fascinated by those exaggerated SEO terms because they are crucial to your reputation as a website. These factors determine how well your site will appear on search engines. Am I still not sure? Don’t worry; I’ll show you how to do it here.

Domain authority checker sites:

Below are some DA checker websites. Continue reading!

Link Explorer is one of Moz’s most powerful free DA checker tools. It allows you to check several metrics related to domains, such as domain authority-linked domains, linking domains hyperlinks, ranking keywords, anchor text, and the top pages. But Link Explorer is an excellent tool for analyzing the authority of a domain. It can predict the ranking potential by scoring the domain authority from zero to 100.

Other features are available in Link Explorer, which also helps bloggers and SEOs rank their keywords and compete against other websites in the same niche. For instance, Spam Score tells the proportion of the linked domains that have a score of spam. The Top Pages feature highlights the sites with the highest authority.

2 . SiteChecker

SiteChecker can be described as an SEO suite with a set of tools to help you evaluate the SEO performance of your website and also analyze your SEO score to determine what actions to take next. They offer tools such as an SEO checker for website health, SEO monitoring, an On-Page SEO checker, a Free backlink checker, a website rank tracker, and a web backlink tracker. Also, it contains everything you’ll need to evaluate your site’s and domain’s health.

SEO is the blend of various strategies, including keywords, backlinks and keywords, authoritative pages, domain authority anchor texts, and tools for analyzing keywords. Thus, it would help if you were armed with an analysis tool for your site that can perform many tasks under the same umbrella. SiteChecker is an SEO software that is perfect for SEOs and bloggers who need to keep in check the website’s analysis and audits of SEO. It comes in three different packages, starting at just $14 per month.

3 . Website SEO Checker

WSC Domain Authority Checker is a no-cost tool the Website SEO Checker provides. They are equipped with multiple tools, including a domain age checker sitemap generator for Html/XML, a large Alexa rank-checking tool, Google index checker. Extract URLs to domains page authority checker, keyword difficulty checker, Keyword position checker, backlink checker, and the social shares counter. You can utilize the WSC, the domain authority checking tool, to verify your domain’s authority on several websites. Paste one domain URL per line.


Domain Authority is usually thought of as one of the most crucial factors to look at when you wish to determine the potential ranking of your site. A domain authority tester can provide you with an understanding of the quality of your links, your most popular keywords, and how your site ranks against your competitors. This helps you make more informed decisions on what you can do to improve your website and its content soon.


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