Best sites to buy from China

AliExpress is not the only popular Chinese site to buy all around the world. We show in this article other websites to buy for international shopping.

It’s true that most users on the Internet buy your clothes and other products from AliExpress, but it is not true that this is the only website to buy in China. If you are looking for luxury and other brands, you can explore many more Chinese websites, with great prices and options to buy electronics, basic clothes and all you need for home.

Here we present the best chinese websites to buy:

  1. AliExpress

AliExpress is probably the most popular Chinese website to buy clothes, electronics and other things. Have more than US$ 55 billion of patrimony, also the largest, and have now five times more money than eBay, the best website to buy in the United States.

Unlike the example of Amazon, AliExpress doesn’t sell any products on the platform. It’s an example of an e-commerce platform and can connect you with other third-party sellers. Now, the sellers are majoritary in China, but there also is going to other countries in Asia, especially in the South.

Most vendors are for free shipping, but deliveries can arrive in a long time, the only thing to do is wait. You can have many options, using DHL, FedEx, UPS and other good international couriers, it always depends on the people selling the product.

If you’re interested in making a purchase on AliExpress, first you need to check the guide to be free of the dangerous scams on the service, for after this hit “Buy”. AliExpress has many options and is a legit Chinese shop website.

  1. Banggood

Bangood is probably one of the best websites to buy electronics, not just about the chineses, but if you check in all around the world. Electronics is now the main focus of Banggod, but you will also find fashion accessories, sports equipment, jewelry and other products for your health.

The business started in 2004, making it one of the oldest Chinese sites to promote ships to other countries, like the United States of America. All of your products have steps to be available and check the quality, before going for sales on the website. Deliveries can take a long time to arrive, weeks or months. So, you have to be patient.

Banggod now supports a lot of payments, including credit cards, bank and wire transfers, and also PayPal is supported. If you want to pay in two or more months, is it possible too and sometimes without fees.

  1. Gearbest

Gearbest is going to be the new AliExpress. This new Chinese brand of shipping started the journey in 2014.

Actually, the site explores many popular categories, including Baby and Kids, Appliances, Things for Garden, Tools, Fashion and many more. Gearbest is good to buy for non US-residents, popular in a lot of countries, like Brazil, Mexico and in Europe. Just Palestine and South Sudan are not available for people to buy on this website.

Before finishing the process and checking what product you want to buy at Gearbest, the next step is to check what options you have to pay here. 

  1. DHGate

Founded in Beijing, DHGate specializes in fashion clothes, having a collection of goods across different categories, including bags, watches, wedding outfits and cheap shoes. The site crosses worldwide, especially in the United States of America with a significant number of clients.

DHGate also offers the possibility to receive your product at home in just three or four days, much faster, and you do not have to deal with customs duty or pay more taxes.

  1. YesStyle

Showing this fashion name, YesStyle sells many products for women people, like shorts and t-shirts specific for this person. You can find everything from clothes and cosplay outfits, always with a just price.

Differente of other chinese brands, like DHGate and AliExpress, YesStyle have your majoritary public in Asia, specific in Japan and South Korea. This company offers free shipping on many orders, and generally the product arrives in your home takes 3 to 5 days (Express Shipping) or 10-14 days if you offer Standard Shipping.

  1. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox ships their products from 200 countries around the world. The brand sells products for many categories: clothes, budgets, small clothes and things for the garden. The company was founded in 2007 and during the last 15 years has increased very fast.

Remember 2013, when LightInTheBox was even listed at New York Stock Exchange, the most important stock exchange in the world.

Searching on the site, you can choose from a lot of options to ship, with the caution that LightInTheBox is not a free shipping site.

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