Best site to buy Instagram accounts – Mid-Man Review 2022


Let me guess, you’re using Google to search for Best site to buy Instagram accounts. Unsurprisingly, buying and selling Instagram accounts is pretty common online these days.

This became more and more popular as Instagram grew. However, buying and selling reputable Instagram accounts is still something that makes many people difficult.

That is why we have this article, which will give you a name that you can trust in buying and selling Instagram accounts. Have you ever heard of the name Mid-Man? If not, this article will help you have an overview of Mid-Man. Let’s start!

Mid-Man: the safest market for buying and selling Instagram accounts

About Mid-Man

First, let’s take a look at the history of Mid-Man. Mid-Man was founded in 2021 by David Hayes. Hayes is an expert in the field of selling accounts of various social networks. He has 6 years of experience in this field. Until he realized the dangers that buyers face when they want to buy a social media account, such as scams, fake accounts, inaccurate information,… And that’s why Mid-Man was born.

Mid-Man aims to build an environment for buying and selling online social networking accounts. A place that is safe for everyone, both buyers and sellers.

Although newly launched, Mid-Man has continuously improved, providing users with the best buying and selling experience. Currently, Mid-Man focuses on providing accounts for the 5 most popular social networking platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

Mid-Man has only been active for 1 year, but should it be rated as the “Best site to buy Instagram accounts”? Yes, of course. Believe me, if you experience a purchase on Mid-Man, you will understand why. If you still have concerns, we totally understand. So let’s learn more about Mid-Man products and how you will buy an Instagram account with Mid-Man in the next section.

Buy an Instagram account with Mid-Man

If you are thinking of buying an Instagram account that already has followers, we will definitely support your decision. We understand how buying an Instagram account will save your time, money, and energy. 

There are times when you will need types of Instagram account that already has followers for you to carry out marketing campaigns, and this is often seen in small and medium businesses. And you don’t have enough time to build an Instagram account from scratch to serve your business. And that’s when you need to find a place to buy an Instagram account that already has a certain number of followers. And here’s the good news, Mid-Man can help you.

So how can Mid-Man help you?

If you have a need to buy Instagram accounts, Mid-Man will connect you to sellers of Instagram accounts. These are people who have been confirmed by Mid-Man, and their Instagram accounts have also been verified to exactly what they post for sale.

Mid-Man will give you the best prices to buy Instagram accounts. Because the prices of these accounts are completely public, sellers will have to compete with each other to get customers. And of course, they can’t say that an account with 1,000 followers is more expensive than an account with 2,000 followers.

With Mid-Man, they understand that the Instagram accounts you buy can be with you on a very long road of growth. So they will also choose Instagram accounts that have the opportunity to grow for you. You just need to choose the niche you are targeting, Mid-Man will provide you with the right account. Sure, this is so important that many Instagram account sellers often ignore it. For example, You can’t buy an account that posts beauty content and then posts your video game related content. Since the followers of this Instagram account are usually women interested in beauty, fashion, etc. Instead, Mid-Man will provide you with an account that has also posted related content related to video games.

And that’s how Mid-Man, the best site to buy Instagram accounts, will help you buy an Instagram account.

Easily buy an Instagram account with Mid-Man

With Mid-Man, buying an Instagram account has never been easier.

First, you access Mid-Man, choose for yourself an Instagram account. All information about the account will be public, including price, number of followers,… This will make it easier for you to choose for yourself a longer-term Instagram account.

Or you can use Mid-Man’s filter to help you choose a suitable account. With information like price, number of followers, account subject, original email Included, escrow accepted, ownership verified.

Alternatively, you can message the seller directly to renegotiate the account’s price. Once you and the seller have come up with the best price for both, you can make the payment. Mid-Man supports you with many different payment methods, you can also apply discount codes to receive incentives from Mid-Man.

After you complete the payment, you will receive your Instagram account information from Mid-Man. You can change your password and security information. Once you have confirmed the receipt of the account, or after a period of time (from 2-3 days), the seller will receive the money from Mid-Man. And that’s how you buy an Instagram account from Mid-Man, safe, fast and simple.

Or you can sell your Instagram account for money

If you have an Instagram account with a sizable following, and you want to sell it, Mid-Man is the place to go. With Mid-Man, leave the hard work to them, all you need to do is wait for a good deal.

With just a few simple steps, you can upload your Instagram account information to Mid-Man and wait for the Mid-Man team to approve your information. So you have joined the Mid-Man buying and selling market.

Mid-Man will help you connect with people who want to buy Instagram accounts globally. Once someone is interested in your Instagram account, Mid-Man will contact you so that you and the buyer have the perfect deal. After completing the purchase process, it will only take you a few days for Mid-Man to transfer the money to you.

Mid Man offers many other types of social media accounts

In addition to Instagram accounts, Mid-Man also provides you with a lot of markets for buying and selling accounts on other social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. 

With the vision to become the world’s safest digital asset trading market, a top choice for sellers and buyers when trading Social Accounts, Mid-Man aims to further diversify its products. 

With Mid-Man you can build yourself, or your business, a set of social media accounts. That way you can easily create your connection and presence on social networks.

How does buying an Instagram account help you?

As mentioned above, Instagram is growing day by day. And it opens you up to a new opportunity to grow your business or simply take you somewhere for your entertainment. If you are a business, developing an Instagram account is essential. Surely you also understand how having an Instagram channel will help you. So what can buying an Instagram account do for you?

Here are some of the benefits of buying an Instagram account:

Save you time and money. Building an Instagram account from scratch is not easy. Because there are strong opponents here who will prevent you from reaching your audience. In addition, not just time, you also need to spend money to invest in promoting your Instagram account to everyone. And of course, it’s not cheap either. If you are new to Instagram then surely you also don’t know what to do and where to start.

Reach many people quickly. If you buy an Instagram account with about 2000 followers, then each of your posts on Instagram has a chance to reach these 2000 thousand people. That is a simple view. If you choose to purchase an account with the same content you intend to post, you can track metrics and engagement. From here give the direction of your Instagram development in the future.

New development opportunities. Whether you are a business or an individual, having an Instagram account will also help you a lot, especially those with a significant following. As a business, Instagram can be a promotion channel for your business, it can be a new way for you to reach customers, and it will be the best way for you to reach young customers. If you don’t know, Americans spend more time using Instagram than Facebook, especially young people. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, update to keep up with the times.

And those are the benefits when you buy an Instagram account. 

Some notes for buying Instagram accounts

As the best site to buy Instagram accounts, Mid-Man offers you a huge number of Instagram accounts. You will probably be overwhelmed with this number of accounts. However, you need to choose the right Instagram accounts for yourself, we understand that.

We have a few tips for you when choosing an account on Mid-Man here:

Relate to your niche. This we have talked about above. You certainly don’t want to post beauty photos on an account that has previously posted video game content and vice versa. That’s why Mid-Man provides you with filters to help you choose the right account. Remember Instagram has an “Unfollow” button.

Check the security information. Once you receive the account information (username, password, and email), double-check that it is correct. Although Mid-Man has support for you if you later have problems logging in. But double-check to avoid trouble.

Change the security information as soon as the account is received. Of course, this is essential for you to take full control of your account.


And that’s all about Mid-Man, the best site to buy Instagram accounts. Hopefully, through this article, you have gained an overview of Mid-Man. Try to experience Mid-Man’s service, because a thousand words can’t be more specific than an action.

We’re glad you read our article. See you soon in other useful articles.

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