Best Sight-seeing Places In And Around Sydney, Australia

The world largest island, Australia is full of interesting tour destinations and activities. One of the most beautiful Australian cities and the capital of New South Wales, Sydney attracts a wide range of sight-seeing places all year round. Sydney is the largest and the most populous city in Australia. It’s gorgeous location and spellbinding attractions encourage diehard travelers to spend more days exploring its beauty. Famous places that attract tourists are Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney Opera House, and Harbour Bridge, etc. The city is loved by the people of all ages.

The best way to go on a trip is a road trip. People who choose long road trips not only enjoy quality time with their loved one’s but also get amazing opportunities to find out a spread of things. Such trips improve your potential to adjust to the new environment and to familiarize yourself with the new cultures. You may get tremendous opportunities to meet new people and spend amazing moments with them. All those people whom you meet on the way, are the simplest sources of getting required information in that particular area.

For your road trip, hire a campervan in Sydney to explore some of the most popular sight-seeing places in and around Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

A heritage-listed steel arch bridge, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one among the foremost famous attractions in Sydney. Each year, this gigantic structure attracts a good range of tourists across the world. Designed and built by one among the foremost renowned British companies called the Dorman Long and Co Ltd. It’s the world’s 6th longest steel arch bridge. This beautiful structure remains quite strong, and maybe that is the reason more and more people want to visit it.

The Sydney Opera House

One of the most spectacular engineering marvels of our times, Sydney Opera House is an outstanding arts centre. It’s one of the most bustling performing arts venues in the entire world. The sail-shaped shells that make its roof draw visitors’ attention to this architectural marvel.
It consists of multi-performance venues like Drama Theatre, Concert Hall, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Utzon Room, and Playhouse, etc. Thus, it’s such that you can surely have a good time exploring it.

The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is, without a doubt, one of the best sight- seeing places in Sydney. You will find pretty gardens, neat lawns, exotic flower beds and species of flowers in almost all colors. There are more than 50,000 individual species of plant and flower. The gardens are the perfect place to possess a picnic, because of the smattering of peaceful, shady spots. Pack some sandwiches and drinks, and find a slice of peace and quiet faraway from the crowds to enjoy a picnic within the warm sunshine.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a well-liked destination for day trips from Sydney by road, where you’ll find a number of magnificent scenery that New South Wales has got to offer. It attracts people from all over the world to visit waterfalls, cliffs and its culture of small villages. A world Heritage-listed site, ‘Blue Mountains National Park’ is packed with stunning camping areas.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the perfect place for beach lovers who want to relax and can have fun with water activities. It is the place where you would explore cafes, attractive bars and stunning street stalls. You can even explore the scenic beauty of the horizon or catch an unbroken wave for taking your surfing experience to the next level.

Hunter Valley

Located 120km north of Sydney, Hunter Valley is one of the most iconic wine regions in Australia. Just going through a road trip, you can be tempted to grapes and wineries. You can also explore these beauties by flying in a hot air balloon.

The Rocks Market

In the old part of the town, The Rocks Markets, one of Sydney’s most traditional market places that attracts the tourists under the large canvas roofs covering its stalls. You would also explore here with delicious street food, old pubs and handmade items.

To summarise, if you are planning to visit different sights in and around Sydney, the best possible way is to take a road trip and hire a campervan for mobility and comfort.