Best Screen Protector to Protect Your Screen in 2020

Don’t need to worry about the scratches on the smartphone. 

The smartphone screen is surprisingly sensitive. If you come across the problem, you will have to pay the hefty prices to the repairer. Sometimes, the phone falls out of the pocket accidentally and cracks the screen. 

How to choose the best screen protector?

First and foremost, you need to find a screen protector, which fits your specific needs. Screen protectors are compatible according to the model number. But it does mean the screen size, the precise cut-outs of the case must go through the fingerprint reader. 

You must decide what kind of screen protector you need, screen protectors are made of different materials such as plastic and tempered glass.

Tempered glass comes in the harder version, so it offers great protection and works against the scratches and impact, but they are a little bit expensive. 

What material should the protector make out of?


The tempered glass is the safest option, it is noticeably thicker rather than the two materials. It protects the screen from the damage. TPU has flexible plastic, you feel hassle when you install it. You can just protect your screen by swabbing a solution. It provides some extra level of protection. You can use the spray solution and remove out the bubble. It is flexible and provides edge to edge protection on the phone. It provides better impact protection than the PET.


The plastic screen protector is made of different materials, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a little bit cheaper and more flexible than the other one.

 Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is trickier to apply, but it is typically stronger than the PET screen protector.

Nano Liquid:

Nano Liquid screen protector consists of a liquid compound. The compound is used in every liquid screen protector, come across with silicone Dioxide. The Liquid screen protector provides the oleophobic coating. It comes with the oleophobic coating and consists of antibacterial properties. 

When we apply the liquid screen protector, it helps to fill in the cracks and let the liquid glass dry. The crack was still there and did not look any different before. The Liquid screen Protector made of the glass, it makes the smartphone 15 times tougher as ever before. 

Feature of Screen Protector

The screen protector provides full coverage and cuts out the corners. It provides full protection. You need to make sure, you are buying a screen protector, which is perfectly compatible with your model number. It is usually made to cover the entire surface of the screen.

Privacy Screen Protector

If you want to keep your text private around your colleagues. You can choose the protector that performs the privacy screen. It is a premium feature. It cost a little bit more than the other protector. It will keep your privacy private. 

Buy Single or Multipacks

Sometimes, you need to buy more than screen protector, if you are not expert to place the screen protector for the first time. It is not a bad idea to buy the smartphone screen protector. If a one-time attempt the damage the screen. You can try with the new one. 

How can I apply Screen Protector?

Don’t need to be rushed, when you apply the screen protector. It take care to prevent dust, bubble. When you are trapped between the screen protector and tempered glass. You will have to carefully follow the instructions if you want to get the best results. 

Some screen protectors come with the cleaning wipes, little sticky pads and lint-free cloths. It removes the dirt, specks. Breakage of screen.


If you want to save your screen and save more money. JETECH caters a variety of phone brands at an affordable price. Some screen protectors are made of the tempered glass, it offers impressive damage resistant. It protects your mobile from the scratches, dust, and bumps.

Rhino shield

Some screen protectors are specifically designed to be impact-resistant, you can easily choose the shock damping material to surely protect your phone from the major falls. To prove the reliability of the product, it is tested with the hammer.

Spigen Screen Protector

Spigen case comes with extreme protection. It is easy to install methods and prevents the fingermarks and smears. Spigen screen protector extreme protection. It is worth investing in the case. The phone provides wrap-around protection.  The screen is being protected by the tempered glass and anti-scratch material. 

Omoton Screen Protector

Omoton is the best to prevent your phone from the everyday happening, it is tried and tested tempered glass. The design of omoton is scratch resistant. It means that your screen is not affected by the scraps or marks 

Tech 21

If you want to be careful and not damage the screen and exposed to scratches and fall of the everyday usage. Tech 21 has self-healing technology. It helps to smooth the scratches of the phone you get. It has impact-resistant material, used in the bulletproof glass. Your screen would work perfectly.