Best schools in US

In the USA children can receive high-quality primary, secondary and higher education. Initial education is received up to 12 years. Secondary education is divided into 2 levels: 12-13 years old (junior classes) and 14-19 years old (senior classes).

Best schools in USA have a number of compulsory subjects, as well as subjects that are taken on students’ choice. Some of the best essay writing services provide students with assistance in completing their written assignments. With the help of these services, students can craft well-written essays that will help them stand out from their peers and earn excellent grades.

Among the mandatory ones:

  • 4 years of studying English: writing, English literature
  • Learning other foreign languages ​​for 2-3 years
  • 3 years – mathematics, algebra, geometry
  • 3 years – history: history of the country (USA), history of Europe, world history
  • 3 years studying natural sciences: physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, etc.

In the USA, private schools are considered to be among the best. Graduates enter the best higher educational institutions in the country. Located in rural areas or in the suburbs, US private schools offer their students a high academic background and a personalized approach to each student. The total number of students in the school is from 100 to 300, classes are occupied by 12-15 students.

Features of studying at best schools in USA

In best schools in USA children often change study groups

A child from 5 to 17 years old manages to learn at least three schools: elementary – from zero to 6th grade, middle – from 7th to 8th grade and senior, high school. All these schools are separate educational institutions, each located in its own building, has its own director, teacher and administration.

The quality of schools affects property prices.

Since schools are financed from the local budget, the main part of which comes from real estate taxes. It is worth noting that where real estate is more expensive, schools have a higher budget and vice versa. All this also affects the quality of education. There are special websites where schools ranking of a particular area are located. Accordingly, when choosing a place of residence, when buying a house, the quality of schools in a given area directly affects the price of the house, in addition to all other factors.

School lunches can be brought from home, or you can buy food in the school cafeteria. If you bring it from home, then everything is usually put in a special lunchbox – a special handbag, the production industry of which is incredibly developed in the USA. Lunchboxes usually keep the temperature well, that is, they do not get very hot on a hot day and do not cool too much on a cold day. Usually in a lunchbox children have a sandwich, a drink, some vegetables and fruits, and a small dessert.

There are many charitable events held in private schools in the USA.

Some of them are aimed at raising funds for the immediate needs of the school, and the other part – in favour of other organizations. For example, there is a collection of used books and a collection of used warm clothes for the benefit of those in need. Animal shelters sometimes ask for used towels, which they use as bedding for the animals. There is a program when you can register a supermarket loyalty card to the school’s account and the store will deduct some cents from my every purchase to the school, and it doesn’t cost me anything and I don’t lose any discounts. Many products are sold with special coupons, which must be cut out and the children then collect them and bring them to school.

Admission requirements at private schools in USA for foreign students:

  • age 14-19 (or 12-13 for a junior private school)
  • language proficiency level: TOEFL – 450+, otherwise the student must take language courses at the school
  • medical certificate
  • the student’s sufficient academic performance
  • motivation letter
  • sociability and desire to study in the USA.

“Cheap” and “expensive” states for high schools in USA

In different states, the cost of education may differ – this must be taken into account when choosing a school.

TOP-5 states with high tuition fees at private schools:

  • Connecticut – an average of $ 26,430;
  • Colombia – $ 24,709
  • Maine – $ 22,285
  • Vermont – $ 22,219
  • Massachusetts – $ 21,932.

New York City is seventh with an average tuition fee of $ 19,064 per year. And the most expensive private school is located in Connecticut: The Pinnacle School, where a year of study costs $ 96,200.


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