Importance Of Sports In Students Life: VSI School Understands Better

Sports are considered a crucial part of the life of the student. Sports develop physical and mental strength. The VSI School Jaipur understands the importance of sports and hence implemented it in students’ daily activities. Emotional fitness can also be achieved by daily physical exercise at the playground. 


The VSI International School has implemented sports in its main curriculum. Students can willingly participate in school sports to obtain mental alertness and to increase self-esteem.


Students can learn various things after indulging in sports activities such as patience, leadership, team efforts, and social skills. VSI School Jaipur deeply understands the needs and concerns of the students and therefore implemented sports as a crucial part of the school curriculum. Sport is a vital aspect to consider in an individual’s life.


Reasons to have Sports in Schools

There are enormous reasons why students have sports activities in schools. Some of the important factors that make sports an integral part are as follows: 


#1 For the Peace of Mind

 Playing sports helps to have peace of mind. The mind remains in a calm state when one plays some outdoor sport. Outdoor and other such recreational activities helps students to attain peace from within. 


Hence sports is very essential for the students and with that, they can attain peace of mind. At the VSI International School, students have a big playground to indulge in sports activities that give peace to the mind.


#2. Sports Help in Stay Healthy

Playing sports has a big advantage. to attain the proper physical health. Good physical health is maintained with the help of sports. Sports can increase the self-esteem of the person and also provides mental alertness. 


One must indulge in sports activities early in school. At the school level, the must-play games are Cricket, Badminton, Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, etc. At the VSI International Sr. Sec. School the students can enjoy sports and remain healthy.



#3 Sports Eliminates Stress & Anxiety 

Whenever there are exams then students have to deal with much stress due to the pressure from Teachers and Parents. We can conclude that sports are the best medicine to deal with stress without affecting the physical and mental health of the native. Students can deal with stress by playing games such as badminton, tennis, gymnastics, etc.


#4 Career in Sports 

Some students have more interest in sports than in studies. Such students can make a career in sports. Some students have the caliber to achieve more in the sports field. Such students can do hard work in the sports field and can reach new heights.  


Eminent sports personalities have performed well in studies and also in sports. Let’s take the example of Rahul Dravid who once aspired to be a Chartered Accountant but later established his career in the sports field as a successful batsman.


#5 Sports for Higher Studies

For admission for higher studies with the sports quota, the students can get admission to the top Universities/Colleges. For higher studies, sports can prove beneficial.


#6 Sports Help in Building Skills

When the students play games such as Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, etc then it helps them to develop the skills like discipline, leadership, patience, teamwork, perseverance, Sportsmanship, etc. 


All such qualities are developed in the students when they indulge in sports activities. All such skills are important for the studies and management too. Sports play a crucial role in skill-building.

#7 Sports Boost Emotional Fitness


Emotional issues can be dealt with very well after indulging in sports activities. One learns how to handle defeat as well as wins. A sportsperson is a right person who can deal with all the tough situations of life. 


People who are consistently attached to sports possess the team spirit and their emotions are channelized in the right way. That’s why they can see the silver lining behind every coming situation. Sports persons can very appropriately deal with their emotions and turn them into a strong strength and not weakness.

#8 Sports Develop Leadership skills


One learns how to enhance social relationships by being in a team while playing some sports. Sports help to develop the necessary leadership skills in a student which is an important parameter of life. 

One gets to learn how to lead the other members of the team. Sports can inculcate the complete qualities of a true leader within a person. And the person can become a true caption or mentor in the respective sports.



We can conclude that although studies are much important, sports are also equally important in shaping the personality of the students. In a student’s life, there is very much importance of sports as it leads to the overall development of the individuals.VSI the best International School in Jaipur understands the needs of sports well and thus implemented sports as a necessary part of the school curriculum.

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