Best Romance Novels You Must Read  

These tales demonstrate that passion may be found everywhere, including at crime scenes and rural locations. Discover your new favorite books, from modern to historical romance novels!

The Love Hypothesis:

The well considered beliefs on love of one lady are turned upside down when a fictitious relationship between scientists encounters the overpowering force of attraction. She’ll learn that examining her own heart is the only thing more difficult than a theory of love.

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

Nobody is left alone by war. The only genuine sanctuary is what you can safeguard: your family, your friends, and your house. Neither the past, the present, nor the future provide actual protection. The “huge and sweeping” (The Washington Post) new book in the illustrious Outlander series marks Diana Gabaldon’s comeback.

Waiting to Exhale

As the men in their life turn out to be unreliable, Savannah, Bernadine, Gloria, and Robin battle to reclaim stability and an identity they don’t have to share with anybody. They find fresh strength via an unique and illuminating relationship. Because their dreams are now OFF hold for the first time in a very long time.

Every Summer After

The phrase “you can never go home again” has been all too true for Persephone Fraser ever since she committed the worst error of her life ten years ago. Up until the moment she receives the call that forces her to return to Barry’s Bay and into Sam Florek’s orbit—the guy she never imagined she’d have to live without. Every Summer After is a large, sentimental narrative of love and the people and decisions that leave a lasting impression on us. It is told over the span of six years and one weekend.

The Night Circus

The Night Circus offers a completely unique experience filled with stunning wonders under its striped canvas tents. Nevertheless, Celia and Marco, two teenage magicians, must play a deadly game of guile behind the scenes. Despite the risks, Celia and Marco quickly fall in love, sparking a chain reaction of perilous repercussions and putting everyone’s lives—from the performers to the audience in jeopardy.

The Wedding Date

Drew Nichols is lacking a plus one the night before his ex-wedding girlfriend’s celebrations. When a power outage leaves him alone with the ideal potential fake girlfriend. Alexa Monroe wouldn’t typically agree to attend a wedding with a man she gets stranded with in an elevator. But, there is something about Drew that makes it difficult to resist. In this flirtatious and amusing romance, these two are going to find out if a false date can last a long time.


You both know and haven’t met Mr. Darcy before in this version of the Bennet family. Eligible, a wonderfully compassionate and hysterically amusing book by Curtis Sittenfeld that explores gender, class, and family, maintains her status as one of the most brilliant writers working today.