Best Remedy For Coronavirus now Available in Pakistan

To protect Pakistan from Coronavirus; the company has launched the coronavirus spray in Pakistan named “LYSOL Disinfectant Spray”.

Coronavirus Spray in Pakistan

As per CNN news

WBM Have Solution for coronavirus | Shop Now and Save coronavirus

Lysol Spray now accessible in Pakistan | Buy Now and Save coronavirus

WBM Have Best Solution for Save to Coronavirus

Lysol, Clorox is a family unit disinfectants splash that can slaughter 99.9% of microbes and infections. Our disinfectants can be utilized to dispose of germs on generally contacted hard and delicate surfaces.

Slaughters 99.9% of “CoronaViruse”, Fungi,and Bacteria

Slaughters cold and influenza infections

Cleans several surfaces in your home

Cleans delicate surfaces

Keeps form and mold from developing for as long as seven days

Disposes of scents at the source

Where we can utilize LYSOL DISINFECTANT SPRAY around your home?

1. In the Bathroom

2. Couches, Arm Chairs and Pillows

3. Entryway Handles and Light Switches

4. Telephones, Tablets and Remote Controls

5. Kitchen Counters

6. Youngsters’ Toys

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