Best Rehab Center for kicking drug and alcohol addiction

Best Rehab Center is a drug addiction center Delhi that shares with you important information on how to handle and care for addicts. Drug and alcohol addictions can create serious problems for the ‘victim’ of the addiction, as well as for the entire family of the addict. Many problems are associated with drug ‘addiction’ apart from the health risks to the patient. These problems are side effects of the behavior and habits of the addict, when under the influence of the controlled substance. It is because of the extreme nature of the problems that arise that rehabilitation is necessary for addicts. Addiction is a very complex problem to cope with for family and friends of addicts, and in reality, they simply cannot resolve the problem, it is beyond their capability completely. There are psychological problems that arise due to addiction-related problems and these require addressing by specialized rehab psychologists.

The psychological effects of addiction on patients;

The first correction is that drug/narcotic and alcoholics/addicts are ‘victims/patients’ and not criminals or people to be ostracized by society. Taking this important point into consideration, it’s important to ensure that ‘addicts’ are not abused verbally, physically, or mentally/emotionally by other family members, relatives, and friends, etc. Such behavior and attitude by the family of addicts results in the patient withdrawing from his/her family, and leaning more into the addiction. Aggressive behavior of family members at times is a result of frustration at the non-responsive and non-cooperative attitude of the addict/patient. However, it’s important to remember that this is a ‘Disease’ and the patient is a ‘Victim’. The reason patients of addiction are known as victims is because they are not in control of their behavior, choices, and decisions.

Patients for the most part are controlled by the addiction and are helpless spectators of their own behavior and words. Because of the nature of narcotics/alcohol addiction, the natural psychology of the patient changes by the controlled substances in the patient’s blood/body. This change in behavior is on an override of the patient’s natural decision-making process, and as result, the patient/addict will begin to exhibit behavior which is unnatural to them. Family and friends are not trained psychologists who can handle addiction cases. They have no idea what they are doing for the most part and usually end up making their problems far worse. The end result of such situations is a major upheaval in the homes of addicts, damaged and broken relationships, and untold pain and misery. For an addict, the situation is really very dire, and they are in a state of desperation.

Care of addicts at home before rehabilitation;

If you have a relative who is an addict, living in the same house, we have some suggestions on how to and what to do and not do. As stated earlier, confronting an addict/patient will be of no use because you will not be confronting your relative or family member, but rather the controlled substance. Controlled substance abuse gains complete control over the user’s mind and psychology gradually. As a result of this, the family member that you once knew is actually a prisoner of the addiction, and cannot even interact with his/her family. Such feelings of desperation lead to addicts becoming more depressed and frustrated. These situations need to be avoided at all costs because addicts under the control of narcotics and alcohol do not make good decisions. There is always the fear of harm to self i.e. suicide, and or harm to others in the home, or even outside. Additionally, there are also chances of addicts becoming an embarrassment for the family, etc.

To successfully resolve addiction cases the entire family of the addict needs to be more sensitive to the issue of the patient being a patient, and the family needs to stop accusing and blaming the patient/victim. The reason’s as we are attempting to explain is that it will have no positive effect on the patient. It amounts to cruel behavior on the part of any individual who chooses to be abusive with an addict/victim. The outcome of such behavior towards patients of addiction by family members will result in nothing that they hope to achieve. In some cases, family members severely beat up addicts, and this does not make any difference to the addicts as the family soon realizes. Physical violence stops intimidating addicts, and they become non-cooperative with their families. We strongly oppose such actions and behaviors toward addicts/patients as a professional Rehab Center India. We free patients from their addictions using the correct psychological methods/counseling, medications to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and by providing an environment that is comfortable, and conducive to the healing of the addict/patient. 

De-addiction and rehabilitation in Delhi;

The road an addict needs to take to reclaim his/her life is extensive. It takes the patient time to reshape his/her thinking. The process of restructuring the neurological pathways in the mind that is responsible for the way a person thinks takes time. Addiction of any kind causes these neurological pathways to change and as a result the thoughts, words, and actions of the patient. The road to recovery is complex and will take some time, unfortunately, there is no chemical or tablet that will rectify all the various types of damage done by addiction. As a professional rehab center India, we strongly warn people against going to fake doctors who sell potions/powders to be administered to patients without their knowledge etc. These are frauds who are happy to take money from desperate family members and take advantage of the desperation of families by delivering hopes and dreams of cures, which amount to nothing in the end.

The problems caused by addictions are serious and severe for the patient more than the family. His/her health is only one of the aspects of his/her life that get damaged. Apart from this, there are also other serious problems such as damaged relationships, loss of credibility, loss of professional ability, confidence and self-esteem problems, and more. All these secondary problems also need to be dealt with in a very serious manner also. At times, patients who have been freed from their addictions, relapse only because reality is too painful to deal with. As a patient comes out of their addiction, they do not find a lovely reality waiting for them. In most cases, there are damaged relationships, professional work suffers or is ruined, credibility and reputation are ruined among family, friends, and society, etc. These are challenges that take a lot of emotional and mental strength to overcome. We take extra care to ensure that patients remain free, and manage to wrestle control of their lives back. Success comes when a patient has rejoined society as a productive member and is leading a self-sustaining life free of addiction and substance abuse.


We provide patients of addiction with freedom from such substances, and we do what it takes to ensure that do not relapse but rather become productive members of society. If you or a family member of yours requires such help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Believe us when we tell you this is not a problem that anyone has or can manage on their own ever. There are no herbal cures for drug addiction, and there are no quick cures either. Addiction is a complex medical problem that requires extensive and specialized care to overcome.  It is entirely possible to be free from addiction, so never lose hope.