Best Recommended Therapy for of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

The Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Service (PTR) facility of Markham, ON is characterized for its highly effective and comprehensive range of rehabilitation and physical therapy, orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiovascular, and pulmonary rehabilitation services. Founded on the values of patient-centric care, quality outcomes, and affordability, the PTR also caters to special needs individuals. At a glance, the center seems to specialize in a particular area, however, the services offered go far beyond. The philosophy of treatment is to build a strong foundation for the patient while reducing further disabilities.

Goal of Post Surgical Rehab

The goal of post-surgical rehabilitation is to preserve mobility, restore function, as well as rehabilitate injury. A physically compromised individual may require specialized services to achieve optimal functional independence. This specialized knowledge along with the application of advanced technology can be applied in a variety of rehabilitation areas. Many patients have come to realize the significance of following a rehabilitation plan designed specifically for their individual needs.

Physiotherapy Treatment

As part of post-surgical rehabilitation, physical therapists are often called upon to administer adjustments to the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. These adjustments, in conjunction with dietary guidelines, help patients improve posture and reduce pain. In addition, other therapeutic regimens, such as occupational and physical therapy, may be required in order to help the patient resume normal function. When it comes to movement, chiropractors are often the only professionals who are authorized to perform such procedures. Additionally, physical therapists can also assist the chiropractor by providing support and relief after an injury.

Unfortunately, many individuals don’t realize how important it is to get back up on your feet following an injury. Even though most of us spend countless hours sitting at our desks and doing nothing all day, we unknowingly contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s crucial to get moving to get healthy, and the physical therapy provided by a chiropractor can be the key to getting you moving again. Not only is it important to get back up on your feet after surgery, but it’s imperative that we all do it!

Therapeutic Exercises To Do

The most important part of pre-surgical rehabilitation is to use therapeutic exercise to reduce pain. A combination of stretching, light strength training and light aerobic activity can help restore the range of motion and reduce stiffness. By strengthening the muscles in preparation of post-surgical rehabilitation, we can also speed up the healing process and reduce the potential for future injuries. During the period immediately following surgery, it’s especially important to use therapeutic exercise to help prevent further pain from reoccurring. We also must make sure that we’re eating a well-balanced diet, as studies have shown that our bodies begin to repair themselves much slower when we’re under stress.

Physical therapy is often recommended as part of post-surgical rehabilitation. A skilled chiropractor or physical therapist will work with you to develop a customized fitness plan for you and your family. Your rehab program should include exercises that target your specific problem areas and not just the general areas of your body that were injured. By doing this, your physical therapist can develop a comprehensive workout plan for you. Because a chiropractor treats your spine, the most important parts of your recovery process are your back and legs.

If you have any questions or concerns about your post-surgical rehabilitation plan, don’t be afraid to ask your chiropractor or physical therapist. They are knowledgeable about the spine and how it functions, so they can provide you with the best possible care. Chiropractors are excellent at working with the nervous system so they can restore order and function. A good chiropractor can also instruct you on the proper way to exercise in order to regain the full use of your muscles.

The Bottom Line

By following a comprehensive program of exercises and physical therapy by Healthbound Clinic in Markham, you can expect to improve many physical aspects of your life in a very short time. Post-surgical rehabilitation provides tremendous hope for those who have suffered injuries. It is important that you do everything possible to follow your doctor’s orders for you to regain the strength, mobility, and function that you’ve lost. Without rehabilitation, your life can become very unstable. Don’t delay in getting the help that you need.