Best raw meat for German shepherd

Meat has always been a diet of dogs. It has been the basic diet from ancient times. At that time, dogs used to prey on the wild and feast on them.  Now, this diet has been revolutionized by some commercial food products. But these artificial food products are not as healthy as the natural ones. They bring many chronic illnesses to pets. Learn more about the raw meat for german shepherd by going to the link.

The dog’s diet changed when the man started having the dogs at home. The pets and owners started sharing the same food. This has changed the taste of the dogs as well. The first dog’s commercial food product was formed by an American in the late 1800s. After that, it became very easy to have food for pets. It also strengthened the economies of the countries somehow. So the pet parents started purchasing this food and built a new market by selling low-cost ingredients such as corn and grains.

It strongly affected the healthy life of dogs. It cost them their healthy diet and nutritional food. For example, corn is the source of protein but the level of protein in corn is less than the level of protein in meat. Furthermore, this commercial food also compensates for its presence by producing different kinds of diseases in dogs.

Raw wild meat

The raw food consists of wildlife. German shepherd dogs search for their prey in the wild and then feast on it. They eat lavishly. They love to eat different organs, stomach, and intestines, and also feed on the predigested food in their stomach. Predigested food may be the predigested vegetables. They are rich in proteins, fats, and high quantities of calcium. There is no need to worry about their digestion. All the food including predigested can be easily chewed down and digested by canines.

A raw diet is enriched with minerals

Raw food eating is now the biggest market because of its unlimited benefits to pets. German shepherds are carnivores. So they can easily feed on the raw food. Carnivores usually have large amounts of stomach acid in their stomachs. It is especially important for the dogs to digest the food. This acid helps to increase the rate of the digestive process and also kills the harmful bacteria present in the decaying food.

Health of GSDs due to raw food diet

Raw food diet has a beautiful proportion of proteins, fats, and other carbohydrates. These are essential for the health of dogies. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has set a proper percentage of different meal products for dogs. Usually, a raw diet has more protein and carbohydrates than is mentioned by AAFCO.  The raw diet has 56% of protein, far more than mentioned by AAFCO’s percentage which is 18-32%. The percentage of fat is 35-30% and according to AAFCO guidelines, it should be 8-22%. Similarly, the percentage of carbohydrates is 46-74% according to AAFCO, but the raw diet contains 14% of it.

Features of raw food eating GSDs

The eyes of raw food diet dogs are always shining and give a bright look. Their coat hair always shines in the fresh air and on sunny days. Their teeth remain clean due to fresh eating meals. Their skin becomes tight and healthy.

Positive vibes by GSDs

A raw diet has many benefits. Your German shepherd will become more attractive to everyone. He will smell pleasant, and dog collor bells everybody will love to play with him and become affectionate towards him. There will be no problem with bad odor from his mouth during breathing or from his body. The raw food is easily and completely digested by GSDs but the junk food is always partially digested and leaves a bad odor in the mouth of your pooch.