Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas 2022

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and we all are super excited about gifts. Are you gifting your sister money or clothes every year? It’s time to surprise her with unique gift ideas like an acrylic photo frame or a customized soap hamper. There are so many gifts that you can choose for your sister.

This year in 2022, Rakhi is on 11th August. It is celebrated in Shraavana as per Hindu Calendar (July/ August) to signify a special bond between siblings. Traditionally, the sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrist with a promise to protect her all life long. Brothers present their sister’s gifts in return. 

There are so many choices that you will be confused about what to pick. But this time, we have compiled a few awesome gifting ideas for this Raksha Bandhan. This list ranges from 500INR to 5,000INR. You can buy anything that fits your budget. But we assure you that your sister will love them.

Gifts under 500INR-


We can all agree that chocolate is never mundane. The finest way to add sweetness to any relationship is via them. We devour sweets on every occasion because of this. It comes in flavors including fruity, milk-based, dark, and nut variants and is available at several price ranges from 100 to 5000INR. Online shops offer a wide selection of hand-crafted boxes and fancy chocolates. You can also etch the name of your sister on these boxes. Look them up.

Coffee Mugs-

A customized photo mug is the best present for you sis. She will remember it every day while sipping her favorite coffee. A fancy Rakhi mug is also great for gifting brothers. It comes in various customization options and starts from 300INR. Ceramic mugs are trending these days so you can pick one without a doubt.


If your sister loves reading, gift her a favorite book that she wanted for a long time. You will get best-selling books easily under 500INR so you don’t have to worry about it. 


Customized keyrings are great for gifting purposes. You can customize it according to your sister’s preferences. Like you can add cosmetics images and her name with it. She will love to adorn it.

Acrylic Photo Frame-

An acrylic Photo Frame is the best gift for your sister. You can add an image of your bond and gift her to cherish the special moments of your childhood. The best thing is it starts from 300INR so you can pick accordingly. They are long-lasting and durable. Also, weatherproof and water resistant. 

Gifts Under 1000INR-

Bamboo or Ceramic Planter-

If she loves gardening, she will love planters. These are beautifully carved pieces and come in a set of two so you can positively add some greenery to them. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors. 

Soft Toys-

All girls enjoy cuddly toys. Whether you have a younger or older sister, she is your love. Brothers, whatever of age, are protective, let’s face it. The kindest gift to convey your feelings is a soft toy. I promise you that a happy, teddy bear, doll, Mickey Mouse, and a panda are always the right choice.

Customized Gifts-

Customized gifts like pendant sets, bracelets, wall clocks, and caricatures are trending these days. If we talk about hampers, customized chocolate hampers, bathing boxes, and candle sets are also loved by many. You can buy these online easily for under 1000 bucks. You know what your sister likes so pick what she will love.

Perfume or Body Mist-

For any woman, perfumes are irresistible perfumed mists. We all love soothing fragrances to maintain good hygiene. So you can gift her something floral as compared to strong ones. Girls are gentle, so they love soft and subtle things more. You can find many brands like Titan, Nykaa, Nivea, Plum, and many more.

Scented Candles-

Candles with scents are perfect for a weekend of relaxation. Take a bath, light these fragrant candles, and play some relaxing music after a long day. Gosh! You’re all set. Give her some chamomile or lavender candles; she will adore them. You can choose it if she has a particular preference for flowers.

Gifts Under 2000INR-

A Watch-

Give her a timepiece. Numerous brands, including Fastrack, Nykaa, Joker and Witch, UCB, Noise, etc., are available online. She will adore this considerate present you gave her. It is unavoidable that females like accessories.


Gift her Mac cosmetics. Yes! Mac is in these days or you can go for Lakme hampers, Plum, or The Body Shop products. It will be unexpected for you but you can amaze her with her favorite lipstick or eye palette.

Silver Jewelry-

Silver ornaments are best to gift. They will be her favorite to wear on any occasion. Shaya by Caratlane is a good place to look for patterns and designs. Their website offers a wide selection of edgy designs.


You can get her Noise, Boat, Croma, Philips, or Bose earbuds this year. She already got a new smartphone why not gift her something that goes with her newbie? 


We girls love luxury. Well, we know it is hard to spend big amounts so we go for mid-range bags like Lino Perros, Caprese, Baggit, etc. You can also gift her clutches or shoulder bags from these brands.

Gifts Under 5000-

Fitness Bands-

If you want her to focus on her fitness, give her a fitness band. Steps, heart rate, and daily activity are monitored. If your sister is married and doesn’t have time for herself, it is even more important. She needs to focus on her health.


She loves photography, so you might give her a camera. She can document gatherings like picnics and farewells using photographs. You may look at the possibilities on Amazon. 


So, these were the best options we found to present to your sister this year in Rakhi 2022. We hope this makes her day special and yours too after seeing a smile on her pretty face. All the best and have a Happy Raksha Bandhan!