Best Rafting places in India

Do you like zipping over the rapids or soaring the unstoppable waters? Fret not! India offers plenty of spectacular destinations to enjoy the extreme thrills of rafting adventures. With an abundance of Indian rivers from Ganges, Indus, Kundalika, Teesta, Beas, Brahmaputra to Barapole possessing different grades of rapids, you will have a plethora of choices to endure true rafting experiences.  
With emerging interest in water sports, now water rafting has become a part of almost all tour itineraries. You can choose from different rafting packages offered by Thrillophilia as p Jier your physical capabilities and interest. Check Thrillophilia reviews to get a true insight into what our packages promise and book one to feel the rush in your adrenaline and thumps of your heart! 

  1. Ganges River, Rishikesh 
    A hub of adventures, Rishikesh is one of the best places in India to enjoy white water rafting. River Ganga here flows at a fast pace amidst Garhwal Himalayas and offers different rapids for an everlasting rafting experience.  
    Here you can opt from four stretches; Brahmapuri to Rishikesh (9 km), Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16 km), Marine Drive to Rishikesh (24 km), and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36 km) as per your preferences.
    Location: Uttarakhand
    Rapid Grade: 1 to 4
    Suitable for: Beginners as well as experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: September to November 
  2. Beas River, Manali
    Another good rafting destination in India, Beas River offers grade 1 and 3 rapids and hair-raising adventure thrills and excitement. The stretch starts from Pirdi and ends at Jhiri covering almost 14 km on the River Beas. 
    While rafting over Beas, you not only enjoy the thrills of water adventures but soak in the views of the majestic Pir Panjal Range. This thrilling rafting journey takes about an hour and a half and will leave you spell-bound and with plenty of cherishable moments. 
    Location: Himachal Pradesh
    Rapid Grade: 1 and 3
    Suitable for: Beginners as well as experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: April to June 
  3. Zanskar River, Ladakh
    An epitome of natural beauty, Ladakh is generally preferred for biking, trekking, mountain climbing and camping. But, it also offers an extraordinary river rafting experience that even a novice can indulge in.  
    However, Ladakh’s famous Zanskar River remains frozen most of the year. But, between July and August, it offers chilling waters for enjoying different rapid rafting adventures. Here, you can choose from different rafting routes that promise some unforgettable scintillating experiences. 
    Location: Leh Ladakh
    Rapid Grade: 1, 3 and 4
    Suitable for: Beginners as well as experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: July to August 
  4. Brahmaputra River, Pasighat
    One of the longest river rafting routes in India, the Brahmaputra River rafting stretch covers approx. 180 km from Tuting to Pasighat. The expedition is only for expert rafters and extends from 3 to 5 days depending upon the route chosen. 
    River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh is a unique adventure and takes you on a hair-raising ride through lush forests, rocky banks, and tribal settlements. You will cross several rapids such as Ninguing, Pulsating Pulsi, Karo Killer, Toothfairy that will make you experience jolts of adrenaline and everlasting excitement.  
    Location: Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh
    Rapid Grade: 4 and 5
    Suitable for: Experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: November until March 
  5. Kundalika River, Kolad
    A hotspot weekend destination in Maharashtra, the Kundalika River in Kolad becomes wild enough for rafting in the monsoon. It flows amidst the scenic Sahyadri mountain range and offers picturesque beauty and refreshing elegance.  
    Different grade rapids form in the river during the monsoon, making it perfect for novice to professional rafters. It is the fastest flowing river of the South and promises an exceptional rafting session full of experiences and nature’s splendour. Check out Thrillophilia reviews online before booking your next adventure in Maharashtra and you will surely consider river rafting in Kolad.
    Location: Maharashtra
    Rapid Grade: 3 and 4
    Suitable for: Beginners to experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: June to September 
  6. Teesta River, Bhalkhola
    Teesta River flows between different states and offers ultimate rafting adventures through its different rapids formed with stones and rocks. The gorgeous surroundings cover the whole stretch, making it even more enduring.  
    The rafting route starts from Tarkhola and ends at Melli 15 km away from the starting point. The point where Teesta River meets its tributary Rangit River forms rapids that are challenging for even veterans. The picturesque scenery and the challenges of the rapids make this a memorable adventure for all thrill-seekers.
    Location: Sikkim and Darjeeling
    Rapid Grade: Grade 2 to 4
    Suitable for: Beghtrinners to experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: December to June 
  7. River Barpole, Coorg
    South India has a pristine Barapole River that offers different rapids of grades 4 to 7 and is an ideal destination to enjoy the amazing thrills of river rafting in India. The rafting stretches are split into two parts; the upper section (features 4 and 5 rapids) and the lower section (owns 6 to 7 rapids). 
    These challenging rapids are known by quirky names like Morning Coffee, The Ramba Samba, Big Bang, The Wicked Witch, Grasshopper, and Milky Churn. So, if you really want to taste extreme thrills, head to Coorg and feel the rush in your adrenaline.
    Location: Karnataka
    Rapid Grade: Grade 4 to 7
    Suitable for: Experts
    Best Time for River Rafting: July to September