Best prepared meals Delivery Company for Your Daily Life

We know how difficult it is to access healthy food in today’s living conditions. The timelessness, inactivity, and stress created by the city dynamics can put us in a situation where we do not feel happy. It’s time for new and healthy prepared meals to start in your life!

The most characteristic feature of Delidoor is the production method that considers the balance of hygiene, health, and taste. It is a ritual to taste every meal cooked according to the recipe with food safety principles before portioning.

The Menu Planning section, which was established as a reaction to the menu’s vegetables scribbled on similar white papers, provides the right calories; uses technology to provide protein, carbohydrate, fat, nutritional values ​​, and nutritional distribution.

The World Health Organization recommends that 20-25% of the daily calories are taken from protein, 40-45% from carbohydrates, 25-30% from fat, in the daily distribution, 20% of the total calories are from breakfast, and 10% from snacks. It is a greatly more difficult responsibility to plan a menu covered by the main meals and maintain the daily balance of vitamins, minerals, and salt.

At Delidoor, we use a particular planning program to make all these calculations and create a unique menu compatible with each other, non-repetitive, and inappropriate portions.

It is not easy to prepare a diet list that is both delicious and you do not miss any taste by calculating the calories and in the suitable grams. Save the time you need to allocate to prepare and apply the list in a busy schedule. Delidoor gives you a healthy and economical diet adventure by delivering your calorie-calculated diet meals to your address every day. 

Delidoor, the first choice of those who think about what to eat today, continues to bring you to your goals with its menus planned by food engineers and dieticians.