The capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceará, Fortaleza is well-known for its urban beaches, museums, theatres, and picturesque trails.

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Fortaleza is a little bundle of treasure explored by tourists jammed with tourist-friendly restaurants that are tourists’ choice. The hotels are close to attractions, airports as well as restaurants varying in budget and comfort.  A list of hotels for your reference is given below –

  • Grupo Vip Landscape Fortaleza
  • Seaflats Iate Plaza Hotel 
  • Hotel Sonata de Iracema 
  • Gran Mareiro Hotel
  • Crocobeach Hotel 
  • Live In Fortaleza Hotel 


❖      Praia Do Futuro – Praia do Futuro is an urban coast prominent for its generous swimming and beach barracas (restaurants). The seashore is deemed to be a perfect spot for gliding in the absence of a coral reef near the shore. You can take a dip in the water or relax in the sun or sunbathe or snorkel and can take up paragliding, and kitesurfing. Visitors can sit in the relaxing chair and relax after having enjoyed all the fun activities or walk across the shore as soon as the sun sets. Take your partner along and swim with the dolphins and interact with manatees and sea lions or snorkel in the waters. The other prominent beaches include Meireles Beach and Cumbuco Beach. Do visit these beaches too. 

❖      Parque Das Trilhas – Parque das Trilhas is home to several walking trails ranging from 30-minute nature tracks to 2-hour hikes. The trail park also has an adventure zone offering recreations like walking on a respite bridge, riding a zipline across a lake, and allows visitors to enjoy kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. So, take your partners along and get ready to hike high!! 

❖      Morro Branco – Are you done with the beaches? Head to Morro Branco’s red-coloured cliffs and cherish the beaches from far above from the cliff. You can actually see the different colors of the sand from the cliff.

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