Best Places to Visit in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge is a city on the river cam located in eastern England, which is also famous because of the prestigious Cambridge university which was established in 1209. Some colleges of this university are the king who is renowned for its towering gothic chapel and its choir, as well as St. john’s, which is famous for its 16th century great gate and trinity, which was founded by Henry the VIII.


The university also contains museums which have exhibits like the history of science and zoology, archaeology, and anthropology.


This city is located at the prime spot of high technology silicon fen with industries related to software and bioscience. It gives aid to many start-ups that are formed in the university.


Places to visit or things to do in Cambridge:




This is the most common thing to do there. If you are in Cambridge and do not do punting, then it’s a waste being there. It’s like being in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower. This activity is relaxing and can show you the whole of Cambridge in the best way possible. It’s the mode of transport that is most preferred there if you want to roam around the city. Scenic beauties and relaxing sounds of nature is a bonus.




The most remarkable thing in Cambridge, the Cambridge university allows tourists to visit its campus and see the university from inside through the lenses of a student. If you are looking for a guide to guide you through the college, no one can prove to be better than the students studying there themselves. They know all the nooks and crannies and can give you all the inside scoop about the university. Cambridge is a small city that can be easily navigated on foot. The same goes for the university campus, which offers some of the magnificent chapels and choirs.




If you love cycling, then this place is made for you. Cambridge is a cyclist’s paradise. Given its modest size, locals usually tend to navigate on foot or cycles. Cycles for hire are available almost everywhere. You can lock them anywhere and take them anywhere. Cycle lanes are made for cycling in the city, but you’ll see locals going rouge and even cycling on the pavements. You can tour through the university using a cycle easily. If you dint prefer walking, then this is your go-to vehicle for visiting the county town, Cambridge. It is well known for its abundance of bikes.




Are you a bookworm, or are you an unapologetic nerd who loves to read books? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then this is the place for you. It is a bookstore, but what a bookstore! It allows your inner geek to come out and browse all the literature in the world. It is famous for its unusual name and the amount and variety of books that they offer. This bookstore has the power to convert anyone into a bookworm. It is always a pleasure to buy or browse books from here.


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So these were some of the amazing places for you to enjoy on your day out to Cambridge.Goodbye!


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