Best Places To Explore In India In February

Are you ready to embrace the stunning weather of February and celebrate its glory? Then, why not escape to one of the most romantic lands in the country. Romance has been built this month, and no matter where you turn – that’s all you will be reminded. This year give the same old date night dinner and movie plans a break while you travel to the exotic places with your lover. The pleasant, loved, and wonderful ambiance outside is calling out to each one of us, and we must oblige. Discover the best places to visit in India during February. 

Goa: – Ideal Spot For Beach And Bae

If you are in love with both, then February is the best time to be there. The clear sunny sky, lack of precipitation, pleasant, and warm weather makes it one of the ideal destinations. Keeping aside the lovey-dovey ambiance, you will be able to participate in endless festivities that occur during this time. The traditional annual fair – Goa carnival takes place during this time. You will come face to face with lively music, dancing, short plays, and a variety of other entertainment. 

Gulmarg:- Soak In The Beauty Of Paradise

How do you like the idea of traveling to Gulmarg? The heavenly surroundings will be enough to make you fall in love again. The cable car ride here in Gulmarg happens to be the longest ride in Asia. It is found in the Himalayan ranges here. February is the ultimate time if you wish to be amidst snow and the magic it brings with it. From snowboarding to skiing – there are several thrilling adventure sports that you shouldn’t pass out on. The unparalleled charm of Gulmarg will feel like the ultimate romantic getaway. Be it the snow-capped mountains or Switzerland equivalent spectacular views – this is another place to consider. 

Jaipur:- The Cultural and Archaeological Hub

Everything about this place is exotic and extravagant. From the busy bazaars to the heavenly Havelis, palatial alleys, breathtaking views, and popular tourist spots – there is a lot for you to enjoy here. During the winter months, Jaipur looks more appealing than ever. You can also visit Agra and New Delhi on your trip to Jaipur. So, spend your days’ sightseeing and exploring the royal grandeur of this place. You will find an array of things to do in Jaipur for an enjoyable vacation. 

Thekkady: – The Land Of Untamed

It is during the month of February that the beauty of this place is elevated. Thekkady is a renowned destination if you seek relaxation and rejuvenation from your holidays. Spend your days exploring the spice gardens. You can also participate in bamboo rafting, border hiking, and boat rides. The Periyar National Park is stocked with a variety of wildlife. 

By now, you have realized February is the best time to visit all of these places. You can even spend your leisurely days in a luxurious houseboat in Kerala or check out Mumbai’s favorite tourist spots – the list of choices is truly endless. All you have to do is choose.